5 New Mobile Games to Try This Week – May 23, 2024



    Katana Zero

    Available at: iOS + Android + Switch on.

    Type: the process

    Hack, slash and cyberpunk your way through this neo-noir pixel art title as a samurai assassin in Katana Zero, now accessible from your smartphone courtesy of Netflix. The dystopian world around you is filled with hostile forces lurking around every corner, and while you have a plethora of weapons at your disposal, one wrong move can sentence you to instant death.

    Thankfully, you’ve got the power to slow down time to gain the upper hand – an advantage you’ll need to uncover secrets hidden in cinematic cutscenes and beautifully animated combat. If you want to know what all the fuss is about, check out our glowing review to get an idea!


    The Halfling Deal

    Available at: iOS + Android

    Type: Adventure, Simulation

    Sure, living the beautiful life has its charms, but is it really living if you don’t get to choose your own adventures, so to speak? In Halfling Dale, you’ll step into the joyous toes of a halfling in the Shire, er, The Dale across a Lord of the Rings-inspired narrative journey with text-based stories and hand-drawn visuals. You’ll set out on a quest to clear your brother’s name, meeting new friends (and enemies?) along the way.

    The game also features customization options for your characters, as well as lasting consequences for your actions and 28 different endings. You can even build relationships with up to five potential partners, because love is always in the cards when you celebrate at a spring festival.


    Japan Postman Moto Simulator

    Available at: iOS + Android

    Type: Imitation

    Deliver the package, avoid road hazards, and then come home to your cat. It’s just a day’s work for a postal worker in Japan in this newly launched sim, where you’ll find a beautifully designed 1:1 recreation including the postman-related dangers of Nagasaki Shinchi Chinatown.

    The game features realistically rendered faces for the characters as well as an AI-powered traffic system that will put your street navigation to the test. Keep track of time while avoiding careless motorcyclists, then take care of your beloved kitty at the end of your shift to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work.


    Omega Knockout

    Available at: iOS + Android

    Type: The arcade

    Craving more arcade goodness on your mobile device? Omega Knockout promises to bring back all the nostalgia of knocking out pixelated punchers with mindless but super-powered special attacks.

    This retro-inspired title features ten different opponents that you can challenge with different techniques that you need to come out on top. There are ten tournaments you can try your hand at, all presented with an old-school 16-bit art style to take you back to the golden age of arcades.


    Amican Survival: Anime RPG

    Manufacturer: Helio Games

    Available at: iOS + Android

    Type: adventure

    The overnight success of Paulworld comes with a new mobile twist in the form of Amican Survival, a new survival crafting game where you build your own settlements and train creature companions to survive. Not only will you get to build your base from scratch, but you’ll also get to capture and train mystical creatures called Amicans and then send them off into battle. You can also breed them and merge them to create new creatures with supercharged traits.

    The vast world around you is also waiting to be explored, whether you’re uncovering the secrets of ancient ruins or marveling at the wonders of dense forests with your Amicans.


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