You’ll soon be able to skip story content in Wuthering Waves


    Wuthering Waves studio Kuro Games has been actively working to improve the game since its release. There are many improvements coming in the future, but the main one is that they plan to address the number of unskippable scenes.

    Like many others, my main problem with Wuthering Waves has been the number of unskippable scenes. For example, I like Scar as a character, but I have to admit that his stories of shepherds and sheep didn’t really catch my attention. Afterwards, I had to guess most of the answers to his questions.

    The game’s story isn’t bad at all, but sometimes you just want to go around fighting and exploring without having to get stuck in a cutscene. It’s nice to have a skip option even if you don’t use it all the time. To improve this aspect of Wuthering Waves, the developers plan to:

    • Redesign the Skip function button.
    • Increases the number of skippable scenes for the main quest story.
    • Introduce support for skipping character dialogue outside of cutscenes (I’m excited about this since I read very fast and characters sometimes speak too slowly).
    • Add Resonator Yinling companion story to the game soon.

    However, cutscenes aren’t the only thing Kuro Games plans to improve. They will also optimize players’ combat experience. I’ve actually really enjoyed fighting in the game, especially chaining attacks with your Resonators. However, there is always room for improvement.

    The meaninglessness of combat actions and the visual feedback of your actions will be optimized. Additionally, they will work to improve the controller experience with combat for those who prefer it to the mouse and keyboard.

    Kuro Games will also provide us with a coupon to compensate for any disappointment during the Beginner’s Choice Convene event. The Reciprocating Tides coupon is a free draw for a single 5-star standard resonator of your choice (I will definitely choose Jianxin). Be sure to log in and claim the coupon!

    In addition to the coupon, we will also receive Radiant Tide x 10 as compensation for all issues affecting the game. This reward can be claimed by everyone who reaches Union Level 2 before July 3, 2024. You will have time to progress in the game and earn fantastic rewards.

    Wuthering Waves will also receive new content in the future, including optimization of some NPC art assets, a layered map display feature, and more Echo transformations. I haven’t had any problems with the game map so far, but I’m interested to see what the layered design will look like.

    Although the game has only been available for a few days, I appreciate the amount of effort the developers have put into improving it by listening to feedback from their community. The future looks bright for Wuthering Waves.

    If you want to know what other updates they have planned, check out Wuthering Waves developers’ promise to fix poor localization and performance: information on future patches, known bugs, and other improvements in Pro Gaming Guides.

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