XDefiant Release Tests Rumored ‘CoD Killer’ Credentials


    Ubisoft’s XDefiant is in a shaky spot right now, but it has a lot to prove. The game is pitched as a competitor to Call of Duty, which no developer has been able to properly manage since the series debuted with Modern Warfare.

    Now, it looks like Ubisoft is giving it a crack by giving players a chance to play a simple shooter for free with plenty of references to existing Ubisoft franchises. As the XDefiant’s release date is rumored, its hopes of taking down the giant are really going to be put to the test.

    XDefiant’s rumored release date puts it at odds with Call of Duty.

    This can go one of two ways, and it could determine the future of FPS. But let’s be honest here: Call of Duty isn’t quick to accept.

    A new leak has been reported by Modern Warzone on Twitter, claiming that XDefiant is planning an October 17th launch just a few weeks away. Unfortunately, players have noted that this is the exact same day that the 2023 The Haunting event in Modern Warfare II began. And War Zone.

    This is the time of the year when players are most excited for the game, thanks to its new game modes and cosmetics. We have no proof of this happening, but if it turns out to be true, it’s a pretty cool move on XDefiant’s part. Players are not so sure, though.

    Fan reaction to XDefiant release date reports

    Fans aren’t entirely confident in XDefiant’s chances here, and are pretty sure the game is going to be stopped by Warzone. A skeptic said.They should delay until Q12024 at the earliest. They won’t jump at the chance to launch when a new COD is approaching.

    Another added, “Dead on arrival, but likely to pick up somewhat in 2024 after MW3 hype coolsIt’s either a grand plan gone horribly wrong or a piece of stupidity, but either way, the jury is out on whether the XDefiant will live up to its “CoD killer” hopes. Only time will tell.


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