World of Stands Tier List – A cast of strange characters



    St. Terr

    • Star Platinum
    • The killer queen
    • King Crimson

    The three stands at the top of our World of Stands tier list are legendary rarities. However, this does not mean that the in-game ranking by rarity is a good indicator of the overall performance of Stands. These three are very good at what they do, so it’s S rank for them.

    Star PlatinumJotaro Kojo’s Stand is one of the best melee damage dealers at the moment. Its versatile skillset and Rage mode are great for PvP battles and PvE grinds. If you like to ragdoll your enemies, Star Platinum is the stand for you.

    If you can explode just by touching something, you’re dangerous enough. That’s exactly how it is. The killer queen Does being a legendary, the killer queen has a devastating finisher that wraps up your enemy, grinds them, and ends with a big bang. Oh, and Killer Queen can also cause mild ragdolling. It’s not as fun as Star Platinum, though.

    King Crimson Fast, bloody, and terrifying! With the ability to clone and erase 10 seconds of time, you can deal some serious damage to enemies while completely ignoring their attacks. New players won’t even know what hit them. And when used right, you can even fool veterans.


    A tire

    • Silver Chariot
    • weather forecast
    • World

    Our A-tier is a mix of legendaries and rare stands. I think in Tier A the rare stands (Silver Crave and Weather Report) do better than the legendaries (World and Gold Experience). But that’s just my opinion.
    weather forecast He is one of the few stands in the game with equally impressive attacking and defensive skills thanks to his pace and near-total control over the weather. However, this is a precise and technical stance that requires a lot of skill to master. The same applies to Silver Chariot It is also difficult to play with. At the same time, it is one of the fastest stands in the game offering better range and higher damage output.
    With extraordinary strength and the ability to stop time, World There is a stand that is worthy of S rank. However, almost every move of this stand is counterable. This is why it drops to an A grade. Players who like precision in their ranged attacks will love the world.


    B tier

    • hand
    • echo
    • Sticky fingers
    • Wizard’s Red

    Here’s where some of you may disagree with our World of Stands tier list – the B tier shows two common stands while some rare stands are nowhere to be seen. But, we stand by our rating.
    hand And echo Both are common stands that perform better than some rare stands. Both of these are easy to control, making them a great choice for beginners. Also, their talent is good enough to stay relevant for a long time. But don’t expect to beat legendaries with them. Sticky fingers One of the 4 OG stands. It’s relatively weak but still outperforms the likes of Anubis, especially in PvP. But don’t be fooled by nostalgia or you’ll be blown away by World of Stands Dolphins and Whales.
    Wizard’s Red And its power is not what you would expect. His attacks are average at best. You can land some good combos but you have to work really hard to do so. Wizard’s Red doesn’t have the most accurate moves. On top of that, it’s a lazy stance. You will suffer a lot when you attract some unwanted attention due to his flashy/fiery moves.


    C tire

    • Anubis
    • Red hot chilies

    The C tier, along with some other controversy, finally closes out our World of Stands tier list.
    Red hot chilies A fan-favorite stand, however, is more extravagant than effective. Lightning powers work well in close encounters but lack shock value in long-range combat. Anubis Maybe the worst stance in the game right now. His damage is low, his attacks have no accuracy, and blocking is not good either. Additionally, it’s an absolute nightmare to use for beginners.

    It’s still a relatively new game and we’re sure to see more stands come (and go) in future updates. This is why our World of Stands tier list is not exhaustive. As new stands arrive and old stands get buffed/buffed, this list will be updated accordingly.
    Until then, have fun and be sure to get your stuff by redeeming the latest World of Stands codes.


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