Will there be no Russian in MW3 2023?


    The post-credit scene in MW2 2022 hinted that the infamous No Russian mission would reappear. Does the game’s sequel, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, include this mission? Let’s find out.

    Is it the No Russia mission in the Modern Warfare 3 campaign?

    During the No Russian mission in 2009’s Modern Warfare 2, Makarov and his men enter a Russian airport with light machine guns and kill hundreds of civilians to frame the attack on the West. Modern Warfare 3 2023 does not exactly have the mission No Russiabut there is a very similar search in the history.

    Halfway through the Modern Warfare 3 campaign, there is a mission called Passenger in which your character Samara Jalal travels on a Russian plane bound for Sochi. Samara is a former member of the Urzikstan Liberation Forces (ULF) who fought alongside Farah Karim and others. Makarov and his men are also aboard the plane with a nefarious plan to blow it up into the air.

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    One of his soldiers is sitting next to Samara, who asks him to follow orders at gunpoint. I performed a takedown and grabbed the enemy’s gun, but soon others appeared inside the cockpit and threw a stun grenade. They then take Samara to the other section where Makarov straps a bulletproof vest to her chest. In this way the ultranationalists can orchestrate the responsibility for the bombing towards the ULF.

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    The bomb has a timer that allows Makarov and his men to jump from the plane. Meanwhile, as Samara, you’ll have a hard time reaching the cell phone with the timer that an enemy had thrown into the middle of the panicked crowd inside the booth. No matter how hard you try to stop the bomb, it will blow up the plane and kill all the passengers on board and Samara.

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