Will there be a Counter-Strike 2 battle pass?



    It wouldn’t be silly to wonder if there is a Counter-Strike 2 battle bass on the way, as the new update could bring more modernisation than just graphics with it.

    While CS:GO has one of the most unique (and profitable) marketplace and skin systems in all of gaming – where players buy and sell the skins independently through the Steam Community Market – there could also be space for a battle pass in the game to further incentivise playtime.

    Nearly all of the other biggest titles in gaming and esports feature some form of progression ladder system, and whether you agree with it or not we could potentially see Counter-Strike adopt it too.

    So, make sure to carry on reading below to find out if there will be a battle pass in Counter-Strike 2, as we’ve got all of the latest information.

    Will there be a Counter-Strike 2 battle pass?

    Image of the mid window on Mirage in Counter-Strike 2

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    Based on the information we currently have, there will not be a Counter-Strike 2 battle pass. However, this could change in the future.

    There has been no indication of a battle pass being implemented into the game, and their commitment to CS:GO skins carrying over to Counter-Strike 2 has implicitly cemented this further.

    There have been proto-battle pass systems in CS:GO, however, in the form of various Operation passes. While these don’t work in the same way as most traditional battle passes (in that they only give you stars, which you use to spend on other things) they do form somewhat of a blueprint that could be used in the future.

    The biggest problem that prospective battle passes would encounter however is the CS:GO Community Market. As all in-game items are run through that, a battle pass full of ‘free’ items that everyone can earn would cause a major problem. You either prevent these items from being sold and ruin the whole economy, or you allow them to be sold and negate the process of the battle pass itself.

    Will there be Counter-Strike 2 Operations?

    Image of A-Site on Nuke in Counter-Strike 2

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    While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, it is likely that Operations will come to Counter-Strike 2, considering it is largely just an update to CS:GO.

    There was of course a rather significant gap between operations a few years ago, but since Operation Shattered Web things have really picked up again.

    Valve will absolutely want to capitalise on the attention and popularity that this new overhaul will bring, and therefore we would expect there to be an Operation in 2023 for Counter-Strike 2 – either at launch or a few months after.

    So, that should answer all of your questions on the Counter-Strike 2 battle pass based on the information we currently have, but we will let you know if any new details crop up in the future.

    Check out our Counter-Strike homepage if you’re looking for more news and guides about both CS:GO and CS2.



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