Will MW3 skins and weapons carry over to Black Ops 6?


    The hype for Black Ops 6 is heating up as Treyarch releases teaser after teaser and hint after hint of the upcoming title. However, fans have one big question on their minds: will MW3 cosmetics, weaponry, packs, and more carry over to the new installment? We are here to answer that question.

    Will MW2 and MW3 content carry over to Black Ops 6?

    Currently, we have yet to hear any official word on the topic and expect it to be a few months before the question is answered. However, there are some caveats and interesting facts that could shed some light on the topic.

    In August 2023, Activision let fans know that the transition from Modern Warfare 2 to Modern Warfare 3 was going to be easy and painless by ensuring that the vast majority of content was carried over between titles. This meant that skins, weapons, blueprints, and more would be carried over from MW2 to MW3 upon release. Since we know when Activision announced this feature, we can look ahead to August and September for official information regarding the transfer of MW3 content to Black Ops 6, assuming they maintain a similar timeline. In the meantime, you’ll definitely want to check out the crazy trailers Treyarch is releasing.

    Black Ops 6 weapon leaks, explained

    Reddit user FIreBoyi took to the Call of Duty subreddit to announce a leak of Black Ops 6 weapons. Our protagonist denies that the images were taken during a volatile point in development and in no way are leaks guaranteed and are subject to change: a pretty standard public service announcement.

    In the post I can see some weapons that are currently appearing in Modern Warfare 3: the M16, the Tempus Torrent, the Lachmann Sub, and the Kastov 74. Interestingly, all of the weapons listed are currently terrible in the MW3 meta. Tempus Torrent and M16 have never been META even during the life of MW2; However, its existence on this list points towards a possible “partial” transfer event in which only certain weapons receive this treatment.

    I would prefer to see a clean slate in Black Ops 6, as there is too much bloat in MW3, causing a lack of visual clarity. Watching Soap shoot me in a Warzone game is one thing, but an imitation of Teletubby sliding into a building is a bit much for my liking.

    That’s all we have on the Carry Over initiative in Black Ops 6. If you’re looking for more Call of Duty content, check out CoD fans testing the horrible RGL-80 glitch in Hardcore, Ashika Island is being removed from Warzone and the fans. I think there was a better solution and more in the professional game guides.

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