Why is Sengoku Dynasty crashing & how to fix


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    Sengoku Dynasty, a civilization and farm building simulator, has experienced some hitches in its early access period. One of those has been players experiencing game crashes. Why is this happening? And how do you fix it? I was experiencing the same problem, so thankfully, I have a solution for you!

    Why is Sengoku Dynasty Crashing? – Solved

    Most players who have experienced crashes with Sengoku Dynasty have had it happen when starting a New Game. This doesn’t mean crashes can’t happen in other scenarios, just that this is the most popular occurrence. Crashes occurring in the middle of gameplay are likely incidental and not as chronic as the New Game bug.

    While we don’t have exact reasoning, it seems to be based on how hard the game is running on your computer. You can verify this by opening Task Manager and checking the Sengoku Dynasty application. Other reasons could be the game needing an update or your computer needing to be restarted.

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    How to Fix Sengoku Dynasty crashing

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    If you are trying to get your game running ASAP, the best way to fix the issue is to toggle your graphics settings. There may be other ways to remedy the situation, but the settings changes have been the most effective for players (including myself).

    On the Main Menu, go to Settings and then Video. Turn down the graphics from Epic to either High or Medium. You can also turn down FPS and Anti-aliasing Quality if it helps you. This may take some tweaking, but play with these settings while intermittently trying to start a New Game. Eventually it should work for most players.

    If the above solution did not work for you, basic troubleshooting tactics may be helpful. This includes checking for updates on Steam and your PC, as well as restarting both. You can also simply try launching the game again without changing anything, but most have not had luck with that method.

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