Why Can’t I Login to Wayfinder? Fixes and Solutions



    Wayfinder is a newly launched MMO in early access that sees you take control of one of the Wayfinders, a powerful group of heroes who seek adventure in a mysterious and hostile world.

    However, after the launch on August 17, many players were stuck struggling to login and play the game. This was due to a serious login error and instances of overcrowded servers. There’s a few ways to bypass these issues though and here they are: 

    Wayfinder Login Issue – How to Fix

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    Unfortunately the only fix for the Wayfinder login issue at the moment is patience. Upon launch the servers for Wayfinder were incredibly overloaded due to massive interest. This isn’t a bad thing! There was just a slight underestimation of just how many people wanted to play this exciting new title at launch.

    The best way to solve the issue is to monitor official channels. Head to the Wayfinder Discord (although don’t be surprised if it’s filled with other players struggling with the same issue). Check the Wayfinder X page

    The developers have currently been very good with updates on the downtime and any login issues.

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    Kicked from the game – Wayfinders crashes?

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    Another common issue is players being kicked from the game while playing. This is again due to overloaded servers. And, like the above issue, patience is the only real key. Keep your eyes locked on Wayfinder’s channels for updates.

    For more Wayfinder info and guides, check out Wayfinder – Release date, trailer, platforms, & more on MyFullGames.



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