Who is Makarov in MW3? Villain details & actor


    Makarov haș been revealed as MW3’s main threat, with the classic villain even getting his very own trailer that shows him escaping a prison ahead of the game’s release on November 10, 2023.

    As expected, this has only got CoD fans more excited for the title, with players speculating on his intentions and motivations in MW3.

    So, let’s breakdown the teaser and everything we know so far about MW3’s Vladimir Makarov, so we can get a grasp on his goals in MW3 and how we’re going to stop him.

    Makarov is back in Modern Warfare 3

    On August 9, 2023, Call of Duty released the MW3 Makarov reveal trailer, confirming that the classic villain would be making his return in Modern Warfare 3. In the teaser, we see Makarov locked up inside a maximum security prison, before being escorted by a set of guards through the facility to go and get a tattoo.

    During this time, Makarov passes multiple prisoners who repel at the sight of him, and others who even wait for his blessing before continuing to beat another inmate. This indicates how much power Makarov has over those around him, and also how much of a threat he truly is if you stand in his way.

    Throughout the trailer, we hear Captain Price describing Makarov as “force of evil who wants to tear the world apart,” and someone who sees every ally as a “weapon” and every bystander as “shield.”

    While Price makes it clear that “we don’t know his next target,” he also declares that “we know ours,” hinting that we’ll be looking to hunt him down as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this means we don’t know Makarov’s motives just yet, but given his reputation from the OG CoD games, he cannot be underestimated.

    Who is Makarov actor in Modern Warfare 3?

    Talented actor and Producer Julian Kostov will be playing Makarov in Modern Warfare 3 and based on the teaser, he’s perfect for the role.

    Kostov is known for his appearances in Shadow and Bone, Search and Destroy, Another Mother’s Son, Code Red and of course, Temple.

    So, there you have it, that’s everything we know about Makarov in MW3 so far, but we’re guaranteed to find out more about the villain as the November 10 release date draws closer.

    Make sure you’re ready for the Modern Warfare 3 reveal event that’s kicking off in Warzone 2 on August 17.


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