Which companion is the least judgmental in Starfield?


    Sometimes, you just want to steal or kill your way through the world of Starfield without your companion complaining or leaving you. While many of Starfield’s companions will have something to say about your actions, there are some who will give you more of a pass.

    Which Starfield companion is the best for evil gameplay?

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    If you’re looking for the least judgmental companion in the Constellation, it seems Vasco is your best choice. He will remain mostly neutral throughout your evil shenanigans, though some have reported issues with killing totally innocent NPCs (others have not had issues, so it may vary). After that is Andreja, who is less likely to judge you for petty theft and the like but does draw the line at murdering when it is avoidable. Barrett is a close third, sharing similar sentiments to Andreja.

    Outside of the Constellation, you do have some options for companions who will look the other way. Adoring Fan, who can only be recruited via the Hero Worshipped trait, will not judge you for almost any action. During the Crimson Fleet storyline, siding with Mathis will result in eventually getting him as a chaotic evil companion. You can also find Jessamine Griffin at The Key in the Kryx system.

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    Most to least judgmental companions in Starfield

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    Out of the Starfield mainline companions, we found it useful to rank them from most judgmental to least judgmental. While many players are interested in a less judgy companion, some players may even want a follower who keeps them in line. Here are your selections:

    • Sarah Morgan (Very Judgmental)
    • Sam Coe (Somewhat Judgmental)
    • Barrett (Occasionally Judgmental)
    • Andreja (Occasionally Judgmental)
    • Vasco (Mostly Neutral)

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