Where to get the Clock Tower Key in Sea of ​​Thieves


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    With the Monkey Island update, Sea of ​​Thieves now allows players to explore Mêlée Island and visit iconic locations from the classic series. I was particularly interested in seeing the Clock Tower, but found that it was closed. To open it, he needed to find the key to the clock tower.

    Where to find the Mêlée Island Clock Tower Key in Sea of ​​Thieves

    You can find the Mêlée Island Clock Tower Key from a pirate in the slag bar. He belongs to the Thirsty Pirate with the checkered bandana in. However, he won’t just give you the key; you can’t steal it from him while he’s awake. You will have to embrace your inner pirate to get the clock tower key.

    How to get the clock tower key in Sea of ​​Thieves – The Journey to Mêlée Island

    To obtain the Thirsty Pirate Clock Tower Key, you must serve extra-potent-grog. However, the chef will not allow anyone other than kitchen staff to touch the barrel of grog. This means that you need to get the chef’s uniform and pose as the assistant chef to access the barrel of grog.

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    Once you’ve acquired the chef’s uniform, fill your mug with extra potent grog and pour the Thirsty Pirate three times. This should knock him out and allow you to steal both the clock tower key and any eight pieces he has with him. Feel free to overserve the other Thirsty Pirates to free them of their coins.

    How to open the Mêlée Island Clock Tower in Sea of ​​Thieves

    With the Clock Tower Key in hand, head to the Clock Tower. Interact with the door to open it and go inside. Keep the key with you; you will need it to open one more door. Head up the stairs and take the path that isn’t blocked by debris when you reach the forking stairs. Open the door and you will find yourself face to face with the huge clock.

    Remove the bones that are jamming the clock mechanism and get closer to the wheel. Turn the hands until the clock shows midnight to activate the Clock Tower. This will get you one step closer to reaching the Governor’s Mansion and completing The Journey to Mêlée Island Tall Tale in Sea of ​​Thieves.

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