Where to find the Weapon Repair Kit Key in the DMZ


    Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ has numerous hidden loot caches, be it locked buildings or hideouts. Unlocking these caches can get you some high level items that you can sell or mine. One such loot cache is the Weapon Repair Kit, which you can unlock using its assigned key.

    Weapon Repair Kit Location in DMZ

    The Weapon Repair Kit can be found at Sattiq cave complex, a POI located in the west of Al Mazrah. At the marked location (see map image), you will come across the entrance to a cave. Enter the cave, turn right and you will see a locked toolbox placed on top of a crate. Open this loot cache with the Weapon Repair Kit Key and purchase its contents.

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    Before you try to access this toolbox, we must let you know that Sattiq Cave Complex is a heavily guarded area. There will be several level three armored AQ soldiers inside the cave that you will need to take out. As for the Weapon Repair Kit Key, it is randomly spawned as a loot item inside lockers, supply crates, and even dropped by armored bots and HVTs.

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