Where to find the Tongue of Madness for Omeluum in BG3


    In Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3, there is a friendly skinning NPC named Omeluum who gives you a quest to search for some dangerous mushrooms. You’ll need to find Timmask Spores and Tongue of Madness, both of which are rare even in the Underdark.

    Tongue of Madness location in Baldur’s Gate 3

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    So far, I’ve only found one location for Tongue of Madness in Act 1 of BG3: the Arcane Tower. When Omeluum gives you the quest, Blurg will mention to a nearby cleric that he might have the necessary spores and fungi. Turns out Blurg was right; There is an Arcane Tower nearby that was once inhabited by a cleric named Lenore who has some strange collections.

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    There are two locations inside the Arcane Tower where you can find Tongue of Madness, but the easiest place to pick them up is on floor one below the entrance floor. There will be a selection of both Timmask and Tongue; Both can also be found in the basement of the Tower. Once you’ve collected a Timmask Spore and a Tongue, travel back to Omeluum.

    Rewards for helping Omeluum investigate the parasite

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    In exchange for your efforts, you will gain the ability to craft tadpole elixirs; These rare potions give the drinker both Psionic Weakening and Psionic Enrichment. You also have the opportunity to purchase, bully, or trade for Omeluum’s Ring of Mental Protection thanks to this quest. Completing this quest also grants some XP.

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