Where to find the area shown in EVE’s memory in Disney Dreamlight Valley


    In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Eternity Isle is a new area you can discover and there are a few hidden locations on this map. While completing one of Eve’s quests, you will need to find a hidden area and here we explain how to get to this location.

    Where to Find the Eve’s Memory Robot Costume in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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    During the Flying Metal Nuisance Search, players must discover a location shown in one of Eve’s memories (pictured above) to find a robot costume. The location shown in the image is not specified and your job is to gather the clues to find the area. I’ve spent hours trying to find this secret area, only to ignore the obvious path hidden in plain sight.

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    To find the area with the robot costume in Eve’s quest, head to the narrow path behind the huge waterfall in the Ancient Landing area. See the yellow arrow in the image above to see the precise location of this hidden area shown in Eve’s memory. To find the passage behind the waterfall, turn sharply left from the location shown above.

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    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Once you have reached the hidden location, open the chest located in the corner of the room to collect the robot costume. You will need to use this costume to progress through Flying Metal Nuisance in Disney Dreamlight Valley. After picking up the costume, select your inventory tab to change clothes and wear the new outfit. Visit Eve after wearing the robot costume and interact with the NPC to proceed to the next step of the mission.

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