Where to find Stone Grilled Olms in Honkai Star Rail


    Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities is an event in Honkai: Star Rail that gives us more rewards than we arguably deserve. Sure, there’s a lot of back-and-forth between the museum and the location of its many, many missing artifacts—but I was able to gather so many upgrade materials that it’s hard to complain.

    One of your more frequent visits is this artist that gets commissioned by the museum to display his art in the gallery. The second time you visit him, he’ll get cravings for Stone Grilled Olms. Here’s where to find it.

    Where to find Stone Grilled Olms in HSR

    You can find Stone Grilled Olms in Boulder Town from the merchant that allows you into an eating contest. I’ve marked the location and what he looks like above.

    If you partook in the eating contest, he’ll give you a random food item every day for free. Sometimes, it’s a Stone Grilled Olm. Just choose “Those free snacks that you’ve mentioned before…” when you approach him. Otherwise, you can purchase one for 3,600 Credits.

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    Bring this Stone Grilled Olm back to the artist, and he’ll be invigorated enough to finish his work. You keep “the tip” (the Credits) the museum curator gives you for the extra leg work.

    By the way, did you know that if you chose to properly critique the artist’s work the first time you met him (instead of hounding him on his painting), you’d keep “the tips” too? The next time you run into this guy, you can pretend not to work for the museum and haggle the price down…allowing you to keep even more Credits to yourself!

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