Where to find product boxes in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2


    The Fortnite Week 8 missions in Chapter 5, Season 2 are relatively simple if you know where to look. You’ll need to find and search for eight Product Boxes to complete one of these challenges, so let’s quickly go over where you can find all of the Product Box locations in Chapter 5, Season 2.

    All Merchandise Box Locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

    There are over 100 product boxes on the Fortnite map, all of which are marked on the map below, courtesy of Fortnite.gg. The named locations with the most of these boxes containing food can be found in Grand Station, Snooty Steppes, and Pleasant Piazza.

    Image source: Fortnite.gg

    The complete list of all Produce Box locations on the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 map is as follows:

    • Coastal communications – 2
    • The refuge of the rebels – 1
    • The old mill – 1
    • The Cemetery – 1
    • Rescue station – 1
    • On the southwest coast of The Underworld – 1
    • Under a tree northwest of Charon’s Crossing – 1
    • At a clifftop camp northwest of Charon’s Crossing – 1
    • At the fork in the road at Charon’s Crossing – 1
    • On top of a cliff southwest of Charon’s Crossing – 1
    • Shadow Door – 5
    • The other windmill – 2
    • In the building southwest of The Other Windmill – 1
    • Great Glacier – 3
    • Grand Station – 6
    • Reckless Railways – 29
    • On the dock north of Zenith Wall – 1
    • On the pier northeast of Dumpenhausen – 1
    • Along the coast south of Grim Gate – 3
    • Small Villa – 2
    • Dock on the southwest corner of the lake in the center of the island – 1
    • Building west of previous pier – 2
    • Under a tree north of Fencing Fields – 2
    • On a hill south of Restored Reels – 1
    • Fencing fields – 5
    • On the dock north of Ship It! Station – 1
    • Nice square – 13
    • Lakeside south of Pleasant Piazza – 1
    • In the house west of Pleasant Piazza – 2
    • On the beach southwest of Coastal Columns – 3
    • Sand strip – 1
    • Smug Steppes – 32
    • Villa by the sea – 3
    • Beautiful Lodge – 3
    • Orchard Station – 1
    • Unmoored Mansion – 3
    • Research rock – 3
    • Fighter Battlefield – 10
    • South of cliffside lodge – 1

    Best Locations to Find 8 Produce Boxes Quickly

    I’ve found the easiest place to look for the eight crates of produce you’ll need to complete this challenge is Pleasant Piazza. With 12 of the boxes in the named location and another 10 in the relatively nearby surrounding area, you have almost three times as close as you need to complete the mission.

    Alternatively, you can head to the southeast corner of the map towards Brawler’s Battleground and Research Rock. This lower corner has a total of 14 for you to search and is not usually as popular a landing destination as Snooty Steppes or Reckless Railways. That said, if one or two players come here looking for product boxes, there won’t be enough for both of them to complete the challenge in a single match.

    you do not need search for all eight boxes of goods in a single match, but it will certainly save you time if you can do it all before being eliminated.

    What are the produce boxes like?

    Produce Boxes are brown cardboard boxes with a green lid. They contain fruits and vegetables that you can consume to restore health, protect, and gain other random temporary benefits. We’ve included a screenshot of what you’re looking for below.

    A box of products I found at Lil’ Villa in Fortnite | Screenshot of pro game guides

    To find one of these boxes, approach it and press and hold the “interact” button until its contents appear. After you have searched for eight of them, the quest will be completed and you will get 10,000 XP better.

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