Where to find Pizza Party item in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4


    Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 brought back the fan-favorite Pizza Party item. This item allows you to heal up while enjoying some delicious slices of pizza.

    Where to find the Pizza Party item in Fortnite

    Pizza Party boxes can be found all across the game’s island. This include regular floor loot, chests, and you can even purchase it from Piper Pace. This makes named POIs like Mega City a perfect spot to search for it since there are so many chest spawns. If you’re a fan of using Augments, you can utilize the Game Time Reality Augment to get a box along with a Chug Splash.

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    Each Pizza Party box comes with eight slices each, and you can share them with your squad or keep them all to yourself. Although we’ve seen the Pizza Party before, Epic Games made some changes to the item since we’ve last seen it.

    How is the Pizza Party different in Fortnite Season 4?

    The Chapter 4 Season 4 version of the Pizza Party differs in that it now restores more Shield but less Health. The Shield Cap is 100, and the slices will restore Health and Shield simultaneously. The changes aren’t that crazy considering it still heals like you’d want it to, but it just does it in a different way now.

    This item will almost certainly become an essential part of the inventory in every playlist, but especially so in Squads. If you need to heal up after fight, just throw down the pizza and start feasting. With how prevalent they appear to be throughout a match, don’t worry about conserving slices as you should be able to find more with ease. The reintroduction of the Pizza Party has meant Slap Juice was vaulted.

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