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    You’ll need to know where to find Eyeless Minnow in Palia, mainly if it is one of the Palian’s weekly wants as this will get you extra friendship points.

    The Eyeless Minnow in Palia is a curious cave-dwelling fish, small, luminous and blind in nature.

    Whether you need an Eyeless Minnow to sell, as a gift or to complete the Kilima and Bahari Fish Collector achievement, see below for a full rundown of where to find Eyeless Minnow in the game.

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    Where to find Eyeless Minnow in Palia: Map location

    Map location of the best place to catch Eyeless Minnow in Palia

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    The Eyeless Minnow fish can be found in both the Kilima and Bahari Bay areas in Palia, specifically they like to spawn within caves.

    An excellent hotspot for Eyeless Minnow is within the Pavel Mines in Bahari Bay, near the Flooded Fortress containing the Old Coin artefacts.

    To get there, simply follow these steps:

    • From the Kilima map, travel along the larger eastern path (towards the door icon marked as Bahari Bay)
    • This will take you to the Bahari Bay region, with its own map
    • Walk north, and follow the path past Hodari and Najuma’s house
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    How to catch Eyeless Minnow in Palia

    Palia in-game screenshot of catching an Eyeless Minnow

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    Eyeless Minnow can be caught with any rod in Palia. The fish can be caught without bait, meaning you won’t have to worry about levelling up your fishing skill before catching the fish and investing in a Worm Farm.

    The Eyeless Minnow can also be caught all day and isn’t locked to a specific time.

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    Eyeless Minnow uses in Palia

    In-game screenshot of an Eyeless Minnow in a fish tank in Palia

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    Other than a weekly want or gift, Eyeless Minnow can be sold for 20 gold at base value or 30 gold if it’s a star-quality fish.

    To get a star-quality Eyeless Minnow you must fish in the water ripples when they spawn. Star-quality fish can also be placed on your home lot as a tank decoration.

    To do so, follow these steps:

    • Put your star-quality Eyeless Minnow, or other fish into your inventory
    • Select the fish from the hotkey options (check the bar in the bottom-right corner)
    • Left-click, move the fish where you want it to be placed, then left-click again to put it down
    • The tank will be added to your lot
    • To move an already placed tank, Press CTRL to change to the grid view
    • Then, press the G key to pick it up
    • Press CTRL again

    That rounds off our guide to everything you need to know to catch an Eyeless Minnow in Palia. Check out our complete list of the best Palia villager gifts to give for friendship points or see our Palia homepage for more tips and tricks.


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