Where to Find Gift Houses in Disney Dreamlight Valley (and What They Are)


    For new Disney Dreamlight Valley players, gathering resources for questions can be a little tedious (especially when you get to the Reminiscing Minnie Mouse mission, which requires 200 clay). Fortunately, as the Disney Dreamlight Valley (DDLV) community has grown, some veteran players who have already beaten the main story are dedicating their time to creating gift houses for others to enjoy.

    What is a Gift House?

    A gift house, also known as a resource house, is a player’s home in the game filled with items that others can come take to help them advance in the game. There is a slight difference between the two, but both terms are used interchangeably in the DDLV community. Resource houses generally only contain consumable in-game resources, which are used to build furniture, craft items, and complete quests. On the other hand, gift houses can also include high-value meals made from foods that sell at a high price.

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    An example of a high-value food you can find at a gift shop is Grilled fish starter made with four fish from here and there and a pumpkin. This is worth a staggering 9,463 gold coins per meal. Some players who create huge multi-story gift houses can leave stacks of them (50 foods per stack). Well, do the math.

    What resources are available at gift shops?

    This will depend on the player who created the gift or resource house, but visitors will typically be able to find a variety of:

    • Gems (including shiny gems)
    • Dark wood
    • pumpkins
    • gold metal
    • iron ore
    • Dream Fragments
    • Clay
    • Coal
    • Stone
    • Sand
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    How do I find a gift house?

    To find valleys that have gift houses or resources, you will need to be a somewhat active player in the Disney Dreamlight Valley community. This means joining a few Facebook groups and maybe a Discord or two.

    The reason for this is that players who create gift houses or resources will advertise on these social channels to notify new players (or players who are simply looking for additional resources/currencies by selling food) that they are ready to receive visits.

    You can also publish your own post requesting a gift/resource house to visit or additional resources from other players to complete your active quests.

    Facebook groups with gift houses

    Groups where players have posted gift houses/resources or where you have permission to request the resources you need.

    Discord groups with gift houses

    Discord groups that have gift houses/resources or you can ask for the resources you need. There are no invite links because they expire very quickly, so it’s best to join the relevant Facebook group and request a new link from the OP.

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