Where to find Ch 7 Secure Records Room in DMZ


    Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ has several locked rooms and loot caches that can be opened with their specific keys. If you picked up a key to the Channel 7 Secure Records Room while looting, here’s a quick guide to where exactly the locked room is located in Al Mazrah.

    Chapter 7 Location of the secure records room in DMZ

    Ch 7 Secure Records Room can be found at Al Mazra City, which is a POI located in the northwestern region of the map. The safe room is inside one of the buildings next to the huge TV Station Tower as indicated in the images above. Head inside the structure and unlock the door to the Channel 7 secure records room with its key. If the key has multiple uses left, you can save it for future deployments.

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    The location is not heavily guarded, however you will find some unarmored AQ soldiers in the area. As for the loot, we found an orange supply chest and a few other items, including gold bars, on the shelves inside the room. Also, if you ever come across a similar key from Chapter 7 Editorial Department, be sure to save it as you’ll need it for the final quest for the Tier 5 Black Mous faction called Flight Plans.

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