Where to find all the new villagers in the LEGO Fortnite 29.30 update


    In the latest LEGO Fortnite 29.30 update, five new villagers were introduced to the base game. Read this guide if you are eager to find and recruit these villagers for your town.

    All new villager locations in LEGO Fortnite (Update 29.30)

    Embark on a quest to find the five new villagers: Cadence, Ash, Brooks, Lana Llane and Guernsey. Here’s how to locate them and persuade them to join your village.


    The master fighter automatically visits your grassland village from time to time. You should add her to your city if you need help with important wood cutting tasks. Give him a bed and a lumberjack station to make him part of your city.


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    Like Cadence, Ash also visits your grassland village automatically. She is known for her great interest in plants and crops. Make it part of your village if you need to farm and scale your food production cycle. She will ask for a bed and a grain mill to start.

    Lana Llane

    Lana Llane is the most brilliant engineer in the LEGO Fortnite universe. You can find her wandering randomly near cave entrances in the Frozen Lands Biome. So, explore these cold areas to see Lana and bring her back to your village to build vehicles. To get started, all you need is a bed and some gadgets.

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    Guernsey is a strange villager in LEGO Fortnite. He dresses like a cow and visits your Coast town after leveling up to level 2. Give him a bed and you can use him as a caretaker to manage your animals.


    Many people have found the Brooks NPC visiting their Dryland People occasionally. She is a fierce fighter who can accompany you on your strange adventures.

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