Where to find a pickaxe in Sons of the Forest


    Sons of the Forest Patch 12 introduced many new features to improve gameplay, including the ability to upgrade your weapons through forging. To access the new upgrade system, you must create a forge, for which you must mine a new in-game resource, Solofite. But first I discovered that I need to get a pickaxe, an item that was also added in the latest patch. This guide will show you where Pickaxe is in Sons of the Forest.

    How to get to the Pickaxe location in Sons of the Forest, explained

    To get the Pickaxe in Sons of the forest, you need to head to the location of the new cave system in the far northeast of the map. If you open your GPS tracker, there will be two entrances to the cave close to each other; You’re looking for one closer to the river.

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    Once you reach the location pictured above, rope down into the cave system. There won’t be any mutant activity inside, so you won’t need to stock up on weapons, but you will need a rebreather, as there are several diving sections in the cave. Once you’re inside, follow these instructions to get to the Pickaxe:

    • Descend further into the cave until you reach a small area with a pool of water below the waterfall. There will be some supplies nearby and an oxygen bottle. Make sure you pick it up. Once you’re ready, dive into the water.
    • He swims through the water, passing a pair of skeletons tied to ropes. This section is not too long and although lack of concentration can disorient you, continue straight ahead as there are no forks in the cave.
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    • Once you get out of the water, go straight past the rock and you will see a bricked-up passage. Head right at this point and slide down a slope.
    • You will find yourself in another pool and it will be time for another dive. This time, there is a single fork in the cave, so hug the right corner to navigate easily. I accidentally turned left and panicked when I came to a dead end, but fortunately I didn’t go too far.
      • At a certain point there will be a sharp turn to the left, after which you can begin to ascend.
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    • After repaving a second time, you’ll see a set of broken boards in the next hallway. You will be able to go through it without having to break anything. Immediately after passing the barricade, you will have to dive back into the third flooded tunnel.
    • The third flooded section will be easy and fast. This time there will be no forks.
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    • Once you resurface, you will be greeted with a gruesome sight of three miners hanging from the cave ceiling. Head to the left path.
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    • You will immediately come across a wall full of Solofite ore, with a ladder next to it. Approach the Solofite vein and you will see the peak. Pick it up and try it on ore to get Solophyte for your Forge.
    • To exit the cave system, head right and climb the rope twice to reach the final area. You will exit through the entrance of the second tunnel closest to the lake.

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