Where is the GTA Online Gun Van location today? (August 18)



    The Gun Van in GTA Online is a great way to pick up powerful weapons for a bargain, provided you know the location – but where is it in Los Santos today?

    GTA Online has a massive arsenal of guns to collect, many of which can set you back a lot of money. This is where the Gun Van comes in, as it sells a different selection of weapons each week. The catch is that it also moves to a new location every day.

    What’s more, the van also has some guns you cannot get anywhere else in the game. Either way, the GTA Online Gun Van is definitely something that’s worth hunting down if you want the best of the best.

    So, here is everything you need to know about the GTA Online Gun Van, including its location today, August 18, 2023, and its current inventory.

    GTA Online Gun Van location today (August 18)

    GTA Online Gun Van locations marked on the north side of the map

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    The Gun Van is located in the north of the map. The location is marked as number 4 on our map above, courtesy of Map Genie.

    If you don’t see a marker on your map, don’t worry – the Gun Van only appears on your map when you are close to it.

    Head to the location detailed above, and as you get close, you should see the icon on your map. Once you do, you should have no issue finding the exact location.

    GTA Online Gun Van inventory

    The GTA Online Gun Van inventory

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    The Gun Van inventory refreshes each week alongside the GTA Online weekly update, which takes place on Thursday mornings, usually between 9 and 11 AM BST. For our US friends, this translates to the very early hours of Thursday morning.

    Here are the weapons currently available in the GTA Online Gun Van:

    Weapons Throwables Armour
    Knuckle Duster Tear Gas Super Light Armour
    Unholy Hellbringer Grenades Light Armour
    Combat MG Molotovs Standard Armour
    Grenade Launcher   Heavy Armour
    Combat Pistol   Super Heavy Armour
    Precision Rifle    
    Mini SMG    

    Can you get the Railgun from the GTA Online Gun Van?

    The Railgun that can be purchased from the GTA Online Gun Van

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    The simple answer is yes, but not always. The Railgun is not currently available from the Gun Van.

    One of the highlights of the introduction of the Gun Van was that you could purchase the Railgun there. It was not previously available outside of special events, and it cannot be purchased at Ammu-Nation.

    After a period of time, the Railgun was eventually removed from the Gun Van inventory. This was because the weapons available at the Gun Van began to rotate, meaning there would be different stock available each week.

    As such, the Railgun is not always available from the Gun Van, but you can still purchase it for $730,000 (minus the Gun Van discount) when it appears in the inventory.

    That’s for our GTA Online Gun Van location guide, telling you where it can be found today alongside the current inventory available. For more, head to our GTA homepage, or check out our guide to the fastest cars & motorbikes in GTA 5 Online.



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