When will the Astronaut update come to BitLife?



    Following the release of the Landlord Expansion Pack last month, Candywriter teased its upcoming BitLife DLC Job Pack via a cryptic tweet today. Studying the tweet, you will find that the image contains an image of a boy in bed holding a toy rocket with stars in the background. With all these blatant references, we can easily conclude that the next update is the astronaut upgradeas other future DLC like Vampire, Dealer or Model don’t match the items in the photo.

    What is the Astronaut Pack in BitLife?

    The Astronaut Pack in BitLife will allow users to replicate the life of an Astronaunt by allowing them to travel, live, and stay in space. Remember, these are conclusions drawn from discussions held on Reddit and Twitter. We still have to wait for an official announcement regarding all the features of the Pack.

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    What is the release date of the BitLife Astronaut Jobs Pack?

    Currently, there is no official date for the release of the Astronaut Jobs Pack. Still looking at past release patterns for other Jobs Packs like the Business update, we can expect the DLC to hit servers in May or early June. We will update the article with the official dates after an announcement from Candywriter.

    How to Get BitLife Astronaut Job Package

    Unlike the Landlord Expansion, which is a standalone Expansion Pack, the Astronaut DLC is part of the Job Pack. So, in order to play the Astronaut DLC, you need to purchase the DLC individually for $2 or the complete Special Races for $5 (boss mode).

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