When do PS4 servers shut down? Rumors and official announcements


    Many PS4 owners are concerned about a rumor claiming that PlayStation 4 servers will shut down on November 6. This rumor has spread on various social media platforms, causing panic among those who have invested a lot of money in the console itself and its exclusives. Titles. However, before you rush to sell your PS4 console on a marketplace, here’s what you need to know about the status of the PS4 server.

    Are PS4 servers shutting down?

    The short answer is no. There is no official announcement from Sony regarding the closure of PS4 servers. However, a rumor circulated on social media platforms that the PS4 servers would be shut down on November 6, 2023. This rumor has been debunked by several sources, and it is highly unlikely that Sony will suddenly shut down the servers without any announcement. official, as this would affect millions of PS4 users and damage Sony’s reputation.

    While PS4 servers are not shut down, some PS4 exclusive games have suffered server shutdowns in the past. For example, Driveclub, a racing game released in 2014, shut down its online servers on March 31, 2020. These server shutdowns mean that certain online features of these games are no longer accessible, such as leaderboards, challenges and multiplayer modes.

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    As long as there are enough PS4 users playing online games regularly, Sony has an incentive to keep the servers running. However, if the number of PS4 users decreases significantly over time, Sony may decide to reduce or cancel server support for certain games or regions.

    When it comes to popular offline games like God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Spider-Man, these titles do not rely on online servers for their core gameplay. Therefore, these games can still be played offline without any problem even if the servers are offline.

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