What is the evolution level of Pupitar in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?


    Pupitar’s evolution, Tyranitar, is a very powerful Pokémon that is useful for any Sand team. He has a massive base stat total of 600 and can hit hard while being able to tank hits. Pupitar doesn’t have much going for it and can be a pain to level up as it requires EXP. Candy or save it at the party. Its level of evolution is quite high, requiring a lot of investment. Fortunately, in Scarlet & Violet, Tera Raids rewards with lots of candy to level up the party.

    At what level does Pupitar evolve into Tyranitar in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

    Larvitar evolves to level 30 into Pupitar, while Pupitar evolves to level 55 in Tyranitar. The best way to make it evolve is by fighting Chansey’s sprouts or making Tera Raids and earning EXP Candy. Keeping it in the party while the Chansey Sprouts date reset is one of the easiest ways to farm early in the game, as the one, two, and three-star Tera raids don’t grant many rewards. This can be done by changing the date on the Nintendo Switch console in the Settings menu and then launching Pokémon Scarlet or Violet again to see which Pokémon are in the buds.

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    How to get Pupitar in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

    Larvitar is fairly easy to find and can be made to spawn more easily when using sandwiches to spawn Ground-type Pokemon. A level 3 Sandwich can get the job at the Larvitar spawn locations as well as the Pupitar ones. When looking for Pupitar nearby area 6it will always be at a higher level than the Larvitar found elsewhere.

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