What is Phasmophobia Console Release Date?



    I don’t know about you, but Phasmophobia is my guilty pleasure, giving me a heart-pounding and terrifying rush few games do. While I enjoy playing on my PC, sometimes I want to sit on my couch, where I can impress my wife with my bravery, totally not jumping into her lap after a jump scare. However, Phasmophobia has long avoided consoles and been on PC—until now.

    When does Phasmophobia release on Consoles?

    The news that Phasmophobia will come to consoles excites me, especially with its August 2023 release window. This means there isn’t much time to wait at the time of writing before I can have a lovely couch-based scary experience. This will be an early access release on consoles, do expect a few bugs in addition to ghosts.

    No exact date has been given during this August window, which will likely allow the development team to polish the launch as much as possible. As soon as we find out the actual Phasmophobia console release date, we’ll update this page.

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    Phasmophobia is coming to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 but will skip Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch. If you’re on a last-gen console but want to experience a thrilling ghost detective game, you’ll need to grab yourself an upgrade. But hurry up, as the game is improving with each update. For example, the Phasmophobia Ascension update opened up new ways of enjoying getting scared.

    Is Phasmophobia cross-platform?

    Phasmophobia is cross-platform, as it will launch on consoles with all the same features already available on the PC version, with all current and future updates planned for this version. I’m looking forward to welcoming my friends from multiple platforms into this cross-play ghost-hunting game, so I can’t wait for us to get scared together!

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