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    Your unit can not only be boosted and improved by obtaining Quirks, but also by ascending. Ascension means better talent, more open spaces for teams, and ultimately, more potential.

    To ascend your units, you will need to use an ascension machine. Although you may have been familiar with this in the past, with the new Update 7, some things have changed a bit, so here’s how to use Ascension Machined and what they will do for you.

    Where to use Ascension Machines in Anime Champions

    The first two Ascensions are part of the latest Anime Champions world, Demon Forest, in which Machines area of ​​the map containing the Ascension I and II machines. However, with Update 7, which brings the new Attack on Titan map, Land of Giants, we were also introduced to a brand new laboratory area with an Ascension III machine.

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    To use an Ascension Machine I or II, you must travel to Demon Forest and repair the machine laboratory to be able to start using the machines inside.

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    If you wish to use the Ascension III machine, please go to the Land of giants and find Hange, also known as the Regiment investigator NPC. Completing their missions will allow you to enter the Laboratory portal in the building behind her.

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    How to get promoted in Anime Champions

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    To use an Ascension Machine, you will need a few different items:

    • Duplicate units
    • Essence
    • Upgrade cards

    Placing a unit on the machine will tell you exactly what you need to advance it. The first ascension, performed on the Ascension I machine, will only cost one duplicate unit and some essence; As we progress, more ascensions will cost you more Duplicate Units, Essence, and the corresponding Mythic or Cosmic Level Upgrade Card. The only units that can ascend beyond ascension II are Cosmic units.

    The ascension of your units increase your talent potential extend beyond 100 (or up to 150 with Ascension III) and grant an additional skin and an accessory equipment slot. This will ultimately make them more powerful and they will deal more damage in battle. It’s worth doing so you can continue to progress.

    Start promoting your units as much as possible by reaching these laboratory locations and saving your valuable materials. You can earn some upgrade cards and things you need by completing challenges, like the new Star Devourer Challenge. Also, keep a few extra duplicate drives to use as well.

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