What are they and where to find them?


    Feeling a little rusty in Lies of P and want to ‘crank’ your playstyle? Well, I’ve got some good news, as you can find cranks in Lies of P that can seamlessly adjust your damage output on the spot by focusing on a specific stat.

    Here’s everything you need to know about cranks in Lies of Pi and where to find them. the game.

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    What are the cranks in PK lies?

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    As is the general formula for this type of game, weapon scaling is an integral part of optimizing your build, and in Lies of P, you can easily adjust these mechanics by taking advantage of the cranks system.

    While exploring the crate, four types of cranks can be found: Advancement, balance, motivation, and technique. Each of these is a direct reference to one of the game’s stats that you can invest points into as you level up – and each provides a different bonus.

    Although the naming conventions in Lies of P are different, Technique is Dexterity, which is most beneficial for weapons that swing quickly, while Motivity is Strength.

    However, some weapons may have elemental/magical effects on them, which is where the advanced stat comes into play. Placing cranks on the handle of your weapon will directly affect that weapon’s damage measurement stats, so be sure to use them on whichever weapon you think will be most appropriate.

    Where to Find Cranks in PK Lies

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    Just like with Moonstones, there are cranks. are scattered at different places in Karat.but they are usually in the protection of a much more powerful opponent.

    If you bump into an enemy that’s standing right next to a chest or item, it’s likely that the item has the same one behind you. For example, you can find TECHNIC CRANK IN WANGNI WORKS CONTROL ROOMAcross the narrow ledges near Stargazer, but there are other areas where this item can be found.

    Also, you can Buy them from Plascinella in Hotel Crate.They are in limited supply though.

    That’s everything you need to know about Cranks in Lies of P. Taking advantage of this particular subset of items will help you optimize your build, and hopefully make your journey a little easier.

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