Warzone fans praise the ‘fantastic’ new map on Al Mazra.


    Modern Warfare 3 is currently taking most of the spotlight in the CoD community, with the beta starting on October 6th.

    However, there is still a bright future ahead for Warzone fans. According to the leaks, the new Las Almas map is coming with MW3 Season 1 in December.

    The new MW3 trailer may have focused on multiplayer, but it did give battle royale fans a glimpse of the new Verdanesque-style map.

    The response at this point has been overwhelmingly positive, with players appreciating it.Magnificent“The Map and the Debate It Seems”Very good“Compared to al-Mazara.

    Warzone fans are excited for the ‘fantastic’ new map.

    As shown by the famous Call of Duty account. Charliantellethe MW3 trailer gave battle royale fans a glimpse at the new Warzone map.

    The location bears an uncanny resemblance to the famous Verdansk and has successfully hyped the community for its release. “My heart is filled with joy man… even if it’s not Verdansk, it’s pretty close.One user said, another claimed “lok awesome

    It’s clear that CoD fans are impressed.”WZ1 vibes“The location is telling and the fact that the map is very different from Al Mazra. The CoD NEXT event is coming up on October 5th, let’s just keep our fingers crossed, more details on the new Warzone map and some of the latest maps. Get POIs

    Warzone players want Rebirth Island to return to the MW3 cycle

    Click to enlarge.

    While the tweet was strictly focused on Warzone’s upcoming new map, that didn’t stop players from demanding that Activision bring back the fan-favorite location from WZ1.

    It’s common knowledge that Verdansk isn’t coming back anytime soon, but players are still hopeful that Rebirth Island will make a comeback.

    The hugely popular mini-map never fails to deliver action-packed matches, and players are pouring in.”Reincarnation Hope 2.0“Remake.

    If Activision wants to please the player base and take the excitement to a new level, the return of Rebirth after the new Warzone map in December would be the perfect next step.


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