Warzone fans call the current meta ‘the worst ever’.


    We’ve had something really scary happen. War Zone metas in the past. DMRs, dragon breath shotguns, and dual-wield automatic pistols are a few that come to mind.

    Over inside Warzone 2 Although, we’ve barely had any deviations in the meta since the game launched, and fans have long been clamoring for weapon changes to create new playstyles.

    So after months of grinding guns like the ISO Hemlock and the RPK, Call of Duty has finally mixed up the meta and brought out some incredibly powerful weapons to entice players into a new way of playing. It’s a shame they chose Akimbo Snakeshots, though War Zone Players hate the new teammate and call him “the worst ever”.

    Akimbo snakeshots and auto pistols were called “the worst meta ever”.

    In Reloaded Season 4, if you’re not being burned alive by a Homelander’s laser vision, you’ll be feeling the fury of the Akimbo Snakeshot pistol or the high fire rate of the automatic pistol.

    I first time War Zone (Rivet Shields aside), players are actively using two secondary weapons with the Basic (Magnum) Pistol joining many players’ loadouts with the X13 Pistol, which will leave SMGs and Assault Rifles in the dust.

    But even though players are embracing it to get the win, a sense of self-loathing is being left behind, as they take to social media to say, “I present the worst meta collection ever!”

    Warzone players are hating the Basilisk and X13 meta.

    Many fans also pointed out that the guns are too “flick-oriented”, which really only benefits mouse and keyboard players, which makes the meta worse because it’s unfair to controller players who can’t move as fast.

    Some others described the DMR meta as the most unwieldy, though one fan said, “There’s not a single weapon in the history of Warzone that comes close to breaking the DMR rifle.”

    But it cannot be denied that the combination of these weapons has to end as soon as possible.

    What do we have to do to get Grouzon back or see Bron Meta again in this new one? War Zone age


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