Warzone 2’s gulag jailer will kill you if you try to escape.


    When al-Muzrah was first introduced. War Zone, the Gulag was a complete mess. You had random teammates on your side doing nothing, you were often put in 2v1s, and the Jailer caused unnecessary havoc.

    But even though he acted as a discriminator for the most part, the jailer seems to have a sinister character in it. Call of Duty Series

    The new Vondel Gulag, based on the original, also has a jailer. played waiting room, and you won’t want to mess with it.

    Warzone’s jailer is the real boss in Call of Duty.

    As usual, in Windell you can run around the outskirts of the gulag while you wait to find someone who’s on the receiving end of your 1v1 skills, or two duelists in the pit below you to finish their fight. Do it.

    However, unlike the original landscape, it looks like you can try to escape.

    In a now-deleted Reddit post, a Warzone fan showed him confronting the jailer himself, resulting in the prison guard not giving a shit.

    With only a slight submission, Jailer unleashed a brutal finishing move on the glocked player, battering him continuously until it was time for them to do battle for real.

    Escapes from the Gulag allegedly trigger prison breaks.

    Click to enlarge.

    Despite Jailer being a massive bully, and a brutal one at that, he seems to be quite clumsy, as one Redditor claimed that when he interacts with multiple players at the same time, he’s a bit clumsy. I can leave my keys.

    According to one fan, the jailer would lose his keys, and if they were picked up, it would trigger a jailbreak for all players to return to the field.

    “This happened to me yesterday. But on another occasion, I confronted a fellow Gilgir about it and he dropped his key and we all got jailbroken,” he said on Reddit.

    “Only dropped a key on one occasion, not sure how common that is. Maybe both jailers need a beating,” he added.

    This has not been tested or proven though, and may just be a coincidence.

    But either way, the jailer will get his hands on you at some point, and you better pray he doesn’t make you too black and blue before your gulag showdown.


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