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    If you’ve ever wanted to run a tavern, now it’s possible in the tactical fantasy RPG Wartales: The Tavern Opens DLC. If you want to know how to set everything up and how to be successful once you do, read my full Tavern guide below.

    Complete Tavern Guide for Wartales Tavern Opens

    To start you will have to go to Stromkapp in Tiltren County. You will find a new building in the city called abandoned tavern. Select her, she talks to Luuk Baos and buys the abandoned tavern for only 1 crown. What a deal.

    Luuk will leave and you will have to do some cleaning work. He will need to do the following (which will only take a minute):

    • Clean cobwebs: Earn 1 mosquito proboscis per spider web.
    • Repair damaged table: Win 1 tavern table (for 4 customers).
    • clear damage: Obtain the Alchemist’s special Creme Brulee cooking recipe.
    • Destroy the wood: Requires a lumberjack. You must make a standard Lumberjack skill check, but you will receive 1 Wall Torch, as well as the usual XP and wood.

    You will not be attacked and, apart from the Lumberjack skill check, you do not need any other profession or equipment.

    Tavern Management Basics

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    Now you can name your tavern and start operating it. You will see a goal list in the top left corner of the tavern screen, your current tavern statistics in the top right corner, and the menu in the bottom right of the screen. You will need to complete the list of objectives before executing your first turn.

    • Ability: Maximum number of users.
    • Clientele: Its mix of clients between upper and working class. This combination will affect the level of security required and also the prices that customers are willing to pay.
    • Comfort: Higher comfort levels improve your chances of making sales and the number of customers who show up.
    • copper coins: This is a new currency that can only be used in tavern menus but can be converted to crowns.
    • Equipment: Increases convenience, attracts different types and numbers of customers, produces alcohol, increases sales and improves safety.
    • Menu: Dishes served for profit.
    • Prestige: Higher prestige allows you to add better equipment to your tavern.
    • Satisfaction:
    • Security: Reduces the possibility of negative effects on the change and increases customer satisfaction.
    • Staff: They can be civilians but also members of your troop. The staff employed in your tavern will gain Job XP while doing so, which is a good way to level up your brewer, for example.

    You can create a steady stream of profits for your troop with time and effort, or even more with a little love.

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    How to run a turn in Wartales The Tavern Opens

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    Once configured, you can run a turn in your tavern every time you camp for the night. No matter where you are, the shift will still work, so be sure to check the status of your tavern before camping out for the night. You can change everything you need from anywhere except sending teammates to work in the tavern (they won’t arrive until the next turn, even if you’re in the tavern).

    Before running a shift, be sure to check the following:

    • Provision: Bards have a range that significantly increases the chances of sales in that area, so try to get as many seats in that area as possible.
    • Menu: Each week there will be a list of promoted or scarce ingredients. Change your menu to promoted ingredients and eliminate scarce ones to increase your profits. Also, make sure the dishes have a high sellability rate.
    • Winery Menu: This is the second tab of the menu option, so it’s easy to miss. Set up each brewer with a keg.
    • Staffing: Don’t leave gaps in employees as long as there are people to recruit (except Thieves, which is optional and situational. See below). Unlike equipment, staff have no initial cost and must always earn more than their salary will cost them.
    • Security: You can check your current security rating at the top right of the tavern screen. If you’re trying to run a tavern with exclusive patrons, make sure you have the icon here solid green if you’ve increased capacity since your last shift by adding more tables. The number of clients visiting increases the negative details of your safety total, so if you are likely to get more clients, the safety rating you have before the shift is likely to decrease during the shift.

    To execute the turn, click to return to camp menu and camp normally. Your turn results will be displayed along with your camp results.

    While in the Tavern menu, you can click the New Turn button at the bottom of the screen to run an extra turn before camping. This costs 100 influence the first time you do it, 200 Influence the second time and keep duplicating Influences the cost as you continue to complete additional turns. This The cost is reset to 100 influence. after doing a normal shift (via camping).

    Special events

    Sometimes you will get special visitors after a shift, which appear in the Tavern with a question mark over it (as sometimes happens with a companion in your camp). These work similarly to companions, giving you three options to choose from which can have various consequences.

    One of them is usually to ignore them without consequences, but be sure to review them carefully as soon as possible. can give solid blessings. For example, increase a faction’s environment for several turns for a relatively small fee.

    How to upgrade your tavern in Wartales The Tavern Opens

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    There are many ways to upgrade your tavern in Wartales: The Tavern Opens! Here are some tips that I have found had a big impact:

    • Animals like gorillas: When you’re fighting creatures on your travels, consider catching some and sending them to the tavern to act as gatekeepers. Some animals have fantastic specialties that make them perfect for the job, like Bears (Colossal Stature: increases safety by 6 in addition to its rebound effect) and alpha wolves (Guard Dog: Increases comfort by 5). It also makes it more fun when they get traits (my bear apparently speaks softly…).
    • tavern management– Explore the icons at the top of the Tavern Management screen, as they open up all kinds of additional information. The Growth button shows graphs of your progress and also gives you access to your latest Shift Report. Customers show the mix of customers you have had and more information about their requirements.
    • music matters: Look at the mix of clientele you’re getting and see what music they like best. Change what your bards play to suit their tastes and encourage better custom.
    • Consult customer needs: After selecting Clientage from the Tavern Management menu, hover over the type of faction you don’t attract to find out why. Sometimes it’s out of your control (they may require a service you can’t yet offer), but sometimes it can be as simple as reducing your drink prices by one crown to attract new customers.
    • Seasonal menus: Even if your tavern runs mostly in the background, at least keep an eye on the Promotions and Shortages section of the Create Menu page. Three items are listed in each category and they change each week. Providing dishes that contain promoted products will save you a lot of money, so you can increase profits or lower prices to attract more customers.
    • Complexity Penalties: The reason a dish is less likely to have high selling probabilities is its complexity penalty. Avoid highly complex dishes until you have high-quality cooks, unless you are willing to lower the price to compensate.

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    Tavern Area Effects

    Certain additions to your tavern, such as bards and Menu boards, are listed as increasing the chances of sale ‘In the area’. This means that it is important where exactly in your tavern you place these items, as they will increase the odds only within a circular range of their location.

    Select Layout view in the bottom right row of icons to see how far an element’s area extends. You’ll get a rough idea by examining the green circles emanating from each element. For a more accurate view, left click on an element while holding down the shift key (see image above). This will show the exact entries affected by the item with a small up arrow. Please note that you must select a lute, not the bard, to view this information for musicians.

    How to upgrade and move your tavern in Wartales The Tavern Opens

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    At first, you can only have one tavern in Stromkapp. As you improve your tavern, you will eventually have the option to have a tavern in marheim (Vertruse Province) and later in Gosenberg (Grinmeer).

    Once again, you must go to the location (you will receive an alert on the screen and on the map when a new destination is available). I received the invitation to move to Marheim when exceeded 300 prestige on Stromkapp but I can’t be sure if this was the trigger.

    When you arrive, you will find another abandoned tavern and once again, Luuk Baos will be inside. The tavern upgrade in Marheim will cost you 300 crowns. Please note that this move your tavern, instead of opening an additional one. Again you will need to clean 3 cobwebs (for 3 mosquito proboscis), complete a Lumberjack Skill Test (and get 1 Wall Torch), get a Tavern Table, plus a bonus of 10 Beers (not for your tavern. They will appear in your normal inventory). You will also get the achievement noble Enlarge.

    You don’t lose anything by moving, but you have to set things up once again. Your menu and wine cellar will transfer with your staff, and the bouncers will be in the tavern, but you’ll need to lay out your tables, equipment (including any bards you’ve hired), and decorations. The great advantage is that now you have a much larger space to fill after each update. However, all the same rules apply. Once you upgrade your tavern, you can also start upgrading your equipment (for example, the Improved tavern table increases comfort by 3).

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