Wartales Hidden Classes Guide – How to Get Them All


    When you start out in the strategic medieval RPG Wartales, you’ll find that most classes have three specializations. However, most classes have a hidden specialization that you can unlock, so read on to find out how.

    How to get all hidden class specializations in Wartales

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    The seven hidden class specializations in Wartales involve the same process. You need defeat the arena champion of a region and then talk to an NPC (in the same region) who will teach you the hidden class specialization. It doesn’t matter if you talk to the NPC before or after winning the arena.

    Tiltren County is the only region that does not have an associated hidden class, while Grinmeer has two. There is an arena in the small area of ​​Mount Aldis. However the arena of legends It is associated with the Power and Glory quests (part of the Path of Power and Glory) and is the only arena that is not associated with any hidden classes.

    How to get the hidden class Marksmen (Archer)

    Nairolf Arena, Ludern Region

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    The search is called worthy successors and you can pick it up from Corastos in the Murwen fishery. Once you have defeated the champion in Nairolf Arena, Corastos will teach you how to train marksmen. You can also buy the training dummy recipe at Nairolf Arena once you beat it. This is a great camping item that allows two companions to gain extra XP when camping.

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    How to get the hidden class Halberdier (Spearman)

    Arthes Harbour, Arthes County

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    You must go to the Church of Saint Septimus in the city of Cortia to resume the mission of Priest of the Light Sipphar (the search is called Eye for an eye). The arena is hidden on a small island that can only be accessed through the caves of Shipwreck Cavern. The priest will teach you the Assassin class once you have defeated all the opponents in the arena. You can also read my full build guide for the Halberdier.

    How to get the hidden class Assassin (Ranger)

    Smot’s Arena, Vertruse Province

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    Go to the Vertrusian windmill and talk to Rower to collect the Gladiator Legacy search. Defeat all participants in Smot’s Arena, return to Rower and he will teach you how to be an Assassin. Read my full guide to the Assassin class here.

    How to get the hidden class Duelist (Swordsman)

    Bern’s Arena, Grinmeer Province

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    You need to complete the ancient glory quest to obtain the hidden class, which you can acquire by speaking to Jootold on the Grinmeer Rouste field. You will then have to beat all the other contestants in the Bern Arena before returning to learn this hidden class.

    How to get the hidden class Barbarian (Warrior)

    Hoevendorp Arena, Grinmeer Province

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    You will find the search spiritual heir in the Grinmeer stables talking to Madeltruda. Once you’ve triumphed in the Hoevendorp Arena, return here to learn the hidden Barbarian class.

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    How to get the hidden class Brawler (Brute)

    Lisbeth’s Arena, Drombach County

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    If you go to the Trapper Hut at the top of Mount Ernst, you will find Waltraud. She will ask you to take the crown by defeating all the enemies in Lisbeth’s Arena (the mission is called Stealing the show). Do so, she returns to Waltraud and she will teach you the Brawler specialization for the Brute class. If you go there before completing the arena, be sure to place a piton right on the edge of the cliff north of the hut for easier access when you return.

    How to get the hidden class Tyrant (Pugilist)

    Oris Sand, Belerion Archipelago

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    This hidden class is only available if you have the Pirates of Belerion DLC. The search is called Eternal glory and can be found at Cutthroat Tavern, the only destination available on Terq Island (talk to Ailean the Gladiator inside). The Arena of Oris is on Zawlin Island. You’ll find Zawlin Island southwest of Per-Bast Island, while Terq Island is much further southeast.

    How to use hidden class specializations in Wartales

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    Using hidden classes is a relatively simple process once you’ve learned them in Wartales. Having completed one of the previous quests, you will see the new specialization. automatically listed as an option for any companion who has that class (at least either level 2 or level 3, depending on the base class of the specialization). You don’t have to do anything to learn it once you’ve completed the quest (there’s no item to use and no Compendium entry to learn).

    What can be trickier is training one of your companions in the new secret class specialization if you don’t want to choose a new companion. It is possible to respect one of your companions, but it is not cheap. You have to go to any of the Brotherhood Training Grounds (there is one in each region) and spend 500 crowns for the ‘Respecialization’ option with the NPC there. For more information on this, check out my Wartales respect guide.

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