Warrior Prime Minister Lydia Sobieska lays down the law in Tekken 8 gameplay reveal


    Tekken 8’s second DLC fighter, Lidia Sobieska, is back in action in her first gameplay trailer. A Polish politician and karate master will bolster the roster this summer.

    First introduced as a DLC fighter in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, Lidia is the Prime Minister of Poland and a practitioner of traditional karate. The formal and proud fighter clashes with fellow karate practitioner Jin Kazama in the trailer and humbles the arrogant Reina by revealing his new rage art.

    Lydia is hot on Eddie Gordo’s heels as are the two revealed year 1 season pass fighters. Owners of the Deluxe, Ultimate, or Collector’s Editions of Tekken 8 automatically receive these fighters. Each can also be purchased individually for $7.99. There are two more fighters left in the Year 1 Pass, which will be added in the Fall and Winter.

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