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    I decree that there are many Decrees that you can use during your exploration of the many twisting Spirals of the Duviri Paradox. Of these many, there are a few that you should almost always take, as they add a significant amount of power to your Drifter. These select few are the best Decrees you can get your hands on and as such should be heeded at all costs. So, without further ado, here are the best Decrees I recommend you take during your adventures in Duviri’s Paradox.

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    The strongest decrees in Warframe the Duviri paradox

    Looking at this list, you may notice a pattern: most of the Decrees here are multiplicative. This means that its effects are multiplied in total power and magnitude for each new Decree you carry with you:

    1. Majestic Strike

    This Decree causes all your melee attacks to hit twice, effectively doubling his base damage and any additional damage related to his melee weapons. This Decree is crazy, and should always be taken.

    2. Poison Touch

    This Decree causes every third melee attack to deal 300% Toxin Damage and apply a guaranteed Toxin DoT. This is a huge damage increase that is practically free due to how the melee works in Duviri’s Paradox.

    3. Duelist Advantage

    This Decree causes your first shot, after reloading, to deal 400% increased damage. Consider that you will be using your pistol frequently, and it can be reloaded very quickly if you can successfully complete the attached minigame, this is a very powerful Decree and you should grab it when you see it.

    4. Burning Strike

    This Decree causes you to deal 210% healing damage with each hit. You can probably imagine how effective this is with something like Majestic Strike. Take it.

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    5. Hammer of Retribution

    This Decree does not offer any direct damage like the others. What it does give you, however, is 75% attack speed for five seconds when using a Power Strike or Ground Slam. Combined with the other Decrees mentioned on this list, this one is absolutely insane as well, massively increasing your overall DPS.

    6. Nutritious Terror

    This ridiculous decree restores 100 health every time you inflict a status effect. This is extremely strong during the Drifter game, because while you’re hitting with your melee strikes, you’re pretty much invincible. While this is also quite powerful for Warframe and by extension the Operator sections in Undercroft, we don’t think it’s really necessary for them considering how powerful Warframes and Operators already are.

    7. Fearsome Bonanza

    This Decree grants you a whopping 100% damage increase for each enemy affected by a status effect within 20 yards. Again, this is another crazy Decree that should always be taken if you have any of the above mentioned Status Effect Decrees. Even if you don’t, Sun and Moon slash very often, and even an active status effect effectively doubles your damage.

    8. Vicious Barb

    This Decree is extremely simple. Doubles your Critical Damage. If you have enough critical chance on your weapons, you should definitely take this whenever it spawns.

    9. Tactical Repositioning

    Imagine for a moment that you take damage while exploring Duviri. I know. crazy right? Now, imagine if you take damage, but then you have this Decree that allows you to restore 75% of the damage you just took with just one roll. Sounds great right? That’s because it is. Take it if you have trouble surviving.

    How to gain intrinsics in Duviri’s paradox

    Intrinsics are the main resource you get from completing a quest during a spiral in Duviri’s Paradox. With this resource, you can buy permanent buffs to your Drifter and Warframe that persist through each new Spiral of Teshin Cave.

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    The best way to get Intrinsics effectively is to only play through a Spiral. As mentioned, you get some Intrinsicis just for completing a quest during one. Even if you quit early, you get to keep the ones you’ve won, so you don’t have to stick around for the annoying quests if you don’t want to. I don’t know what DE was thinking by including that herding quest, but every time I see it, I skip it.

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