Walkthrough on where to find allies for the resistance (map) – Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes


    Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is a classic RPG with a rich story. However, what you need isn’t always clear, so read on if you need to know where the four allies you need can be found in the Find Allies for the Resistance quest.

    All Allies Locations in the Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes Find Allies For The Resistance mission

    You will begin this Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes quest in the Ruined Fortress. You I need to recruit four people. to advance the story, all of which are relatively close but not always obviously part of this quest.

    How to recruit Martha – Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes

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    You’ll Find Martha inside the ruined fortress. at the location shown on the map above. After catching up on your old village, she will join you.

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    How to recruit Wyler and Marin – Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes

    Head east from the Ruined Fortress to reward hill. You’ll find Wyler at the beginning of the path, next to the save point. Talk to him and tell him you will. Help him find his sister, Marin.. Search the paths ahead until you find her (just explore each of the dead ends). Once completed, both Wyler and Marin will join your party.

    How to recruit Kerrin – Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes

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    Now go west until spotted forest. Take the eastern path Once inside, you will reach a small cabin, where you will find Kerrin. Kerrin says they will join you if Collect 20 pieces of wood.. You can find all the wood you need in this forest by following the path north and then west, collecting it along the way. Once you have at least 20, return to Kerrin and they will join you.

    Note that after Kerrin joins, you won’t be able to explore further here yet. However, if you go and have another random battle or two in the forest, all wood places will be replaced, allowing you to collect much more wood. Wood is useful for building and upgrading forts, so you can never have too much!

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