Valorant 7.08 Patch Notes: Premier Updates, Smoke Visual Changes, and More


    Riot Games’ popular first-person shooter Valorant continues to evolve with the release of Patch 7.08, keeping the game fresh and extending its lifespan. The 7.08 patch update does not bring any major updates to the game, but it does introduce minor visual changes to agent smokes, modifications to the Premier Playoff tournament, and bug fixes. Here are all the game changes for the latest Valorant patch update.

    All Valorant patch 7.08 updates

    General updates

    • We’ve made a slight adjustment to the Agent rows you can select at the bottom of the screen to make room for future Agents.

    Agent updates

    • Smoke Visual Update
      • Some of the key smokes can manipulate the playspace for a good amount of time and we think it’s important to be able to make the right decisions in the moment. We’ve added audio and visual cues at the end of our longest smokes to let you know when the smoke will disappear.
        • The fumes play an audible and visual signal 1.5 seconds before they are about to go out. Fumes from the following agents have been affected:
    • Skill equip sounds are no longer audible to your allies.
      • Previously, allies who were very close to you could hear the sound you made when equipping abilities like certain Agents. Hearing this audio did not coincide with equipping weapons, which are silent to allies, and led to confusion over whether enemies could hear these sounds. We hope this change will make the rules for weapon equip and skill audio more consistent and make what enemies can hear easier to learn and understand.

    Major updates

    Changes to the Premier Playoffs tournament queue

    • Playoff tournament queue is now only 15 minutes instead of 1 hour. If you do not queue and remain in queue within the 15 minute period, your team will not be able to play in the Tournament.
    • At the end of the waiting period, all teams still in queue will be paired at the same time into evenly distributed groups ranked by Premier Score.
    • This change ensures that having a better record in the regular season will give you a higher ranking in your tournament.

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    Store updates

    • Your player card and level border collection UI is being updated! You will now be able to search, navigate and equip your level borders and player cards using our grid UI.

    Error correction


    • Annihilation (X) can no longer open Bind’s automatic doors from outside the teleport rooms.
      • Annihilation (X) can no longer open Breeze’s Mid Chute hatch from below.
    • Neon
      • Fast Lane (C) now more reliably extends completely through Fracture Door A when cast from the outside and behaves the same as when used from inside Room A.


    • Fixed a bug where music would clip or skip while loading on a map or in the Range.
    • Fixed a bug where shooting range robots would not properly reset their hitbox position when respawning.

    Player behavior

    • Fixed a bug so that you receive the correct ranked rating penalties for disruptive behavior.


    • Fixed a bug where Killbanner’s audio would play too low.

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