Tower of Fantasy Halloween event hands out candy and gift boxes


    Tower of Fantasy celebrates Halloween with a deliciously sweet event. Players can participate in Trick or Treat events this spooky holiday to win rewards, gifts, and more. Players have plenty of opportunities to enjoy Halloween through the A Sweet Night of Horror and Wandering Jaco-O-Lantern events.

    He Tower of Fantasy Twitter announced these events, saying: “Don’t be fooled, it’s almost time for your treat! Get your trick-or-treat pumpkin and find the enemies hogging all the candy! The candy can be exchanged for a Visible Little Specter accessory , red cores, special vouchers and more!”

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    The A Sweet Night of Frights event allows Wanderers to battle random enemies and win candy prizes. These can be redeemed for special rewards. The other event, Wandering Jack-O-Lantern, sees five pumpkin gift boxes appear every two hours in the pumpkin lantern area on Mirramoon Street in Mirroria. Be sure to collect them when they are active.

    Lastly, players can compete in an eight-player competitive event called Maze of Dread; One player becomes a ghost and the human players must work together to catch the ghost. Collect points during the chase to earn rewards at the end of the maze. Experience these events with the best settings to enjoy Tower of Fantasy in all its beauty!

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