Tower Defense X (TDX) Boss Tier List


    Bosses can be difficult to fight, and there are quite a few in Tower Defense X that you will have to face if you want to progress in the game. Our tier list has not only ranked all the bosses you’ll fight from strongest to weakest, but also offers tips and tricks on how to win so you can be prepared for battle.

    Tower Defense X bosses, ranked

    Bosses are the final enemy you will fight in each game mode and they are all different. Some are immune to certain attacks and others have weaknesses that you can attack. Bosses placed at S tier mean they are the strongest and most powerful, and D tier bosses are the weakest and easiest to beat.

    Level Boss
    Yes MK Eradicator | Habit
    TO MK II Eradicator
    b Eradicator
    c Exo Santa, Nightmare Exo Santa, Plague Doctor Revived
    d John MK I9X Super Revive Toilet, Plague Doctor

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    S Tier Bosses

    • MK Eradicator | Habit – The MK Eradicator | Custom is one of the strongest bosses to face. He has an Annihilation Sweep ability, which allows him to kill a group of targets quickly. If he enters his Energized Fury phase, he can heal all of his Shield and Health to max.

    A-level bosses

    • MK II Eradicator – The Eradicator MK II has two 6-barrel medium rotary machine guns attached to each of its arms, as well as two 2×2 rocket pods on the shoulders and one 1×2 on each leg. It has 50% fire resistance and 30% resistance to explosives. Their attacks deal high damage, so make sure you come equipped with the right skills that can counter their resistance to fire and explosives. (Using Warship is the best way to counter attacks; having a Bottom Path Railgunner turret will be the best defense opportunity.)

    B-level bosses

    • Eradicator – The Eradicator uses a 12-shot burst attack and a 3-shot burst attack. The 12-shot attack can be dodged by placing cheap turrets around the Eradicator, causing it to shoot at them instead. A good tip to remember is that the Eradicator can be frozen and patrol boats can be used to overwhelm it. With the right skill and timing, this boss can be defeated quickly.

    C-level bosses

    • Exo-Santa Claus – Exo Santa has a very high HP reserve but her damage is low. You can use Missile Troopers to take him down quickly (although it’s not cost effective) or you can use Laser Gunners, Railgunners, or Juggernauts.
    • Nightmare Exo Santa – Nightmare Exo Santa has high HP and low damage. He uses a festive spray to deal damage, but has a very long cooldown period. By repeatedly using Juggernauts, Railgunners or Laser Gunners; you can remove it quickly.
    • Plague Doctor Revived – The Revived Plague Doctor has a lot of health but is still an easy boss to fight. You can freeze this boss at 20+ using Cryo Blasters, and you can counter his resistances to explosives and bullets using Juggernaut and Laser Runner.

    D-level bosses

    • John MK I9X Super Revive Toilet – Super revived toilet John MK I9X is one of the slowest moving bosses you will face. Although it can spawn Eradicators to stun your towers, the Super Revived Toilet John MK I9X can be easily stopped using quick moves and high damage abilities.
    • plague doctor The Plague Doctor moves slowly compared to other bosses. He can be frozen using a Cryo Blaster and can be slowed down (even more) by placing expensive towers in his path, as it takes longer to destroy them.

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