Toukabou Shigure: how to get Ascension, stats and who can use it in Genshin Impact



    Toukabou Shigure from Genshin Impact is a four-star sword that enhances the user’s elemental mastery and has a passive that increases damage. Being an event reward, not everyone will be able to get this cursed umbrella. But if you did, here’s everything you need to know about Toukabou Shigure.

    How to get Toukabou Shigure in Genshin Impact

    Toukabou Shigure is a limited event sword that can only be obtained in the Akitsu Kimodameshi event in version 3.3. Genshin Impact doesn’t have a history of bringing back weapons from old events, so it’s unclear if Toukabou Shigure can be obtained in the future if you missed its initial release.

    Genshin Impact Toukabou Shigure Stats

    • base attack: 42 to 510
    • substate: Elemental Mastery (36 to 165)
    • Passive: Kaidan: Rainfall Earthbinder
      • After an attack hits opponents, it will inflict an instance of Cursed Parasol on one of them for 10 seconds. This effect can be activated once every 15 seconds. If this opponent is killed during the duration of Cursed Parasol, the CD of Cursed Parasol will refresh immediately. The character wielding this weapon will try sixteen/twenty/24/28/32 percent more Damage to the opponent affected by Cursed Parasol.

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    Genshin Impact Toukabou Shigure Ascension Cost and Materials

    Below are all the Ascension materials needed for Toukabou Shigure. They can be grown from the following:

    • handguard: Kairagi and Nobushi in Inazuma
    • prisms: Primitive constructions in the desert of Sumeru
    • narukami: Court of Flowing Sand (Tuesday, Friday, Sunday)

    Ascension Phase 1

    x5,000 Mora

    x2 Old handguard

    Damaged Prism x3

    x3 Narukami’s Wisdom

    Ascension Phase 2

    x15,000 Mora

    x8 old handguard

    Damaged Prism x12

    x3 Narukami’s Joy

    Ascension Phase 3

    x20,000 Mora

    x6 Kageuchi Mitt

    Cloudy Prism x6

    x6 Narukami’s Joy

    Ascension Phase 4

    x30,000 Mora

    x9 Kageuchi Handguards

    x12 cloudy prism

    x3 Narukami’s Affection

    Ascension Phase 5

    x35,000 arrears

    x6 Famous Mitts

    Radiant Prism x9

    Narukami’s affection

    Ascension Phase 6

    x45,000 Mora

    x12 famous handguard

    Radiant Prism x18

    Narukami’s Value x4

    Who can use Toukabou Shigure in Genshin Impact

    Toukabou Shigure has a rare Elemental Mastery secondary, making her an excellent pick for characters that scale this stat. Give it to your support units that can benefit from a DPS boost, such as:

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