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    Goalie is one of the most difficult positions to play in NHL 24, but it can be a very rewarding experience. Whether you play as a goalkeeper in a franchise, professional, World of Chel or Clubs, you will need some skill as your team’s last line of defense. Other positions are fun, but I like playing goalie because the positional controls bring new gameplay to NHL 24. Here are the best tips and tricks for playing goalie in NHL 24.

    NHL Goalie Checks 24

    Action xbox games station
    Remove/replace goalkeeper LB + Back Button L1 + Back Button
    Toggle manual intercom LB+A L1+A
    Move left stick left stick
    Hustle Click the left stick Click the left stick
    Butterfly Keep RT Hold R2
    Hug post left LB + Left Left Stick L1 + Left Left Stick
    Right Post Hug LB + Left Right Stick L1 + Left Right Stick
    Hug pole (vertical/horizontal) LB + left stick direction + press RT L1 + left stick direction + press R2
    leave disk Press LT Press L2
    Diving Save Press X + left stick direction Press Square + left stick direction
    Diving thrust check Press X + Left Stick Up Press Square + Left Stick Up
    Stacking Pads Press B + left stick direction Press Circle + left stick direction
    V spread Stay away from the disk on the right Stay away from the disk on the right
    butterfly slides Right stick lateral to the puck Right stick lateral to the puck
    Push check Right stick up Right stick up
    cover disc Hold Y Press and hold triangle
    free skating Press A Press X
    dump disk Move the right stick up (with dial) Move the right stick up (with dial)
    pass disk Press RT Press R2

    How to block goals in NHL 24

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    As a goalkeeper, your only job is to prevent the offense from scoring, but that’s easier said than done. When playing as a goalkeeper, you will first need to know what areas need to be covered. The nets covered by the goalkeepers usually have five holes that the offensive players will shoot at. The best way to take cover is to know where the offense is shooting from and lean in to cut off the most space to shoot on net.

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    Use the Hug Post Actions to cover angles to block shots coming towards you. For high shots, your glove will automatically move to where the puck is going, so you just have to position yourself correctly.

    For low shots, you have a few different moves to potentially block the goal. If you think the shot is going between your legs, use the Butterfly action to prevent the shot from passing through the open area. You can also use the V propagation or babsolute slide actions to cover more space, but will leave the top half of the goal open.

    You’ll also want to keep an eye on your stamina. The new escape system will deplete your stamina the more shots on net your opponents take, so be sure to position yourself well to discourage your opponents from taking more shots on goal.

    In general, to improve as a goalie, you need to get comfortable with the controls, practice covering angles during games, and improve your hockey IQ to understand plays and where shots are most likely to come from.

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