Top 13 Minecraft 1.20 Trail Ruins Seeds (July 2023)


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    The Minecraft 1.20 update, also known as Minecraft Trails and Tales, brings many new features for players to enjoy. Introducing the concept of archeology, players will be able to get their hands dirty excavating ancient ruins from past civilizations. I admit, the concept of buried ancient villages didn’t excite me like huge ancient cities buried in giant caves, but since I’m so used to digging in this game, it comes naturally!

    Best Minecraft Java Seeds and Bedrock 1.20 Trail Ruins

    13 – Four different Trail Ruins next to each other

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    Seed: 220226666144929308

    This seed spawns four separate ruins relatively close to each other, which is a rarity in Minecraft due to the forced minimum spacing. If you’re looking to try your hand at finding rare loot or want a seed to try out new features, this seed is perfect as you have up to four ruins within a short distance of each other.

    • Coordinates of the trail ruins:
      • -6, 66, 3
      • -160, 77, 82
      • -209, 81, -166
      • 111, 65, -202

    12 – Ruins of the underwater path next to a temple

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 46671694042164

    This seed will spawn you on the shore near a body of water that contains what appears to be a simple oceanic ruin but is, in fact, a merged underwater trail ruin structure with a temple right next to it. If you swim towards the piece that sticks out from the surface, you’ll be greeted by waterfalls that drop to explorable depths. This seed is perfect for role playing and exploring with your friends.

    11 – Ruins of the trail at the top of an ancient city

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 4349791831285849707

    This seed will spawn you in the jungle, just below the snow belt. If you step out of the jungle and into the snowy mountain peak biome, you’ll find yourself looking down into a giant ravine that slopes down to an ancient city. This is also a spawn point for trail ruins wedged right into the ravine, stuck right on top of an ancient city! Be careful with your brushing as it might disturb the Guardian!

    10 – Seed of Seven Ruins

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed:This is Chris999

    This amazing seed features seven amazing Trail ruins, all within a short distance of each other! It’s usually hard to find more than three in quick succession, but this seed offers plenty of opportunities for us to put our archeology skills to the test! Make sure to equip your archeology tools and get ready to start exploring!

    • Coordinates of the trail ruins:
      • 210, 80, 210
      • 698, 80, 231
      • 166, 100, -221
      • -887, 51, 280
      • 912, 58, 616
      • -837, 68, 767
      • -900, 100, -472

    9 – Ruins by the river at the bottom of the lake

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 250617

    Trail Ruins are usually found in Jungle and Forest biomes, while finding them underwater is a rarity. This wonderful seed features a completely submerged ruin, which is a rare delight to behold! Get out your scuba gear for an underwater archeology mission to find out what this ancient remnant of civilization was like before it was submerged in some catastrophic event.

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    8 – Taiga Village Ruins

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 4546983886532721435

    Another excellent all-around seed where you’ll find Trail ruins with a Taiga Village built on top of them. I wonder if the villagers know if they built their settlement on the cursed lands that have swallowed up some of their predecessors! You can roll up your sleeves and start exploring right away, but don’t sleep in the town at night, because there may be ghosts!

    7 – Ruins on a small island

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 2359910305235889475

    I always enjoy exploring small islands, especially if I accidentally discover a hidden cove or mine shaft on it. This seed features a beautiful little island with buried Trail ruins, and it really tells the whole story. Build your own house right next to the ruins, or maybe even rebuild the old town, bringing it back to its former splendor!

    6 – Frozen Lake Ruins

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 4704747470427031544

    For those of you who are the more adventurous type, this seed will be perfect as it features trail ruins half buried in snow. The coming of a new ice age hasn’t really worked in favor of the former occupants of these ruins, their little town buried under several blocks of snow and ice. In order to discover its history, you will need a lot of resources, since surviving in such a hostile biome will not be easy, let alone working on an excavation site.

    5 – Volcanic Ruins

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: -7702856209683769227

    A theme of challenging seeds continues as we discover a jungle biome with Trail ruins situated right next to the hellish volcanic pit! We should probably leave the history of this fallen civilization alone, as the process of excavating these ruins will be challenging enough.

    4 – Ruins of the ravine

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: -8183879460520302883

    These ruins require minimal effort to discover, as they are located in the crevice of a large ravine, likely eaten away by this world’s tectonic activity. To further explore this exciting backstory, follow the coordinates provided and uncover the ancient mystery, perhaps by building your base directly on the ruins, using the space and materials to modernize the already existing habitat. Not that the previous occupants need it anymore.

    3 – Birch Forest Ruins

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: -4841467103530915661

    This beautiful and simple seed will spawn Trail ruins right in the middle of a small birch forest with a river flowing nearby. A calm and witty vibe makes this seed perfect for beginners taking their first steps in archaeology.

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    2 – Ruins of the trail right at the spawn

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 4049863313625454797

    If you’re like me, sometimes you’ll feel like you want to jump into action right away. This seed allows you just that, spawning right on top of the ruins of Trail in the middle of a thick jungle biome. Fight your way through the vegetation to the set of coordinates just a few blocks away, and start digging right away!

    1 – Frozen River Ruins

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Seed: 363308934

    The ice age seems to be a nemesis for past Minecraft civilizations, as many Trail seeds ruin that we found characteristic sites buried under many blocks of snow and ice. If you’re in the mood for an icebreaker adventure, this amazing seed has what you need, with frozen trail ruins nestled just below a single tree that stands tall as a monument to the long-vanished village.

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