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    Like most games with an established name, Mount & Blade II has maintained fan interest by allowing its modding community to thrive. Whether you’re new to in-game mods or just looking for which ones to keep or get, here’s a list of the best Bannerlord mods worth checking out.

    Best Bannerlord Game Feature Mods

    We will start with some of the best mods for Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord that change only the small features of the game. They don’t modify the gameplay entirely, but enabling these small modifications makes navigating the game much more convenient. However, these small changes can go a long way, whether it’s simply saving you more time or helping you focus more on your goals.

    Quick Dialogue Mode in Mound and Blade 2 Bannerlord

    Image via Dallen at Nexus Mods

    A mod that can be useful for almost any game, quick dialogue skip the full 3D cutscenes where you converse with the groups before fighting them. Instead of the dialogue being launched every time, it loads the standard actions menu right away, giving you the option to chat with them, attack them, or leave.

    This saves you a ton of time, and you can now deal with more minor fights without impatiently wading through these unnecessary loading screens. Includes lords, bandits, villagers, caravans, and small faction gatherings. This mod was revised to work with the latest game updates and is currently active.

    Party screen improvements mod in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord

    Image via Hirtol on Nexus Mods

    A vital part of Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord is learning how to manage your legions of troops to ensure that they are all well equipped for battle. You gain a competitive advantage by having the right combination of unit types. As the number of fighters increases, doing this can take a long time. With the Party Screen Enhancements mod, you get access to various buttons.

    These options allow you to easily upgrade the equipment of all your troops at once, among many other similar features that help streamline this process. It also includes a user-friendly user interface for easy configuration. This adds a small change to your game, but it helps so much that once installed, you will never be able to do without it again.

    Sound the Alarm mod in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord

    Image via Alpine Softworks on Nexus Mods

    Although a notification appears by default in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord whenever your territory is invaded while you’re away on a campaign for a while, the text is so small that you can easily miss it if you’re too focused on your objectives to hand. Being caught off guard in this way can be inconvenient, so The alarm sounds is another must-have mod in Mount and Blade 2. Trigger a pop-up alert to notify you when your cities are being occupied, so you can keep your focus when you’re on a campaign without worrying about not knowing when your strongholds are under attack.

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    Best Bannerlord Customization Mods in Mount and Blade 2

    Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord customization mods add nifty and fun tweaks to your game, greatly enhancing your gaming experience without changing the way you play. There are many available, but we have selected the best ones that are worth downloading.

    Open source Armory mod on Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord

    Image via TheWanderingKhajiit on Nexus Mods

    If you want the weapons and equipment in Mount and Blade 2 to be more varied, the open source armory mod is best at maxing out its potential. Combine your existing armor mods and add an astonishing amount of shiny new custom armor pieces that are well over a thousand. It also adds 58 shields, 21 weapons, and 16 banners.

    All of these are completely lore friendly as they fit into the game, where factual historical bases on the weapons and armor have been used for inspiration. Only a few fantasy concepts came into play to fill in the gaps, but this mod is as realistic as it gets.

    Character import export mod in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord

    Image via maxracoongames on Nexus Mods

    The name of this mod doesn’t do it justice as it does a lot for character customization in the game. By adding a tool that allows you to export any character in the game, edit it to your liking, and import it back, the Character export Import mod can be more of a cheat than a simple mod.

    With this mod added to your game, you can customize the abilities and perks of each character, even NPCs, to any number. While you can certainly use it for fun and character play, it can also help you a lot by allowing you to practice with high-tier weapons to see what they’re like first to see if they’re worth training. Use this mod with a new campaign first, or at least back up your unmodified save file before trying this one out.

    Raise Your Banner Mode in Mount and Blade 2

    Image via dhkh1223 on Nexus Mods

    What’s a game like Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord without the ability to raise your banner? The Raise Your Banner mod improves customization by a full notch, making it a fun and seemingly vital addition to the game. It allows you to create and display custom banners for each formation, tournament theme, and everything in between.

    This extends your Bannerlord experience making you feel like a true commander of your army of troops. It is also the most updated and recent banner mod for the game after the OG Bear my Banner mod, which is no longer updated.

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    Best Bannerlord Game Mods

    Your experience using mods in Bannerlord is incomplete without mixing in a few that alter your game. We list five of the best that you should not miss. You should consider adding these to your collection no matter what type of gamer you are.

    Cult starter mod on Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord

    Image via Barhidous on Nexus Mods

    Starting the game deadlocked in the dullest training area on the map isn’t the best way to start. It prevents you from hiring the same soldiers and makes you travel much further and further to get where you want to go. The most recent version of cult beginning mod fixes this glitch in the game.

    The mod allows you to choose one of the cities spread across the map to start with, fully configure who you want to start with, and how you want to handle your missions. This was originally the work of Barhidous in Nexus Modsbut an updated hotfix was needed after it was no longer updated by the creator for newer versions of the game.

    Improved Garrisons mod on Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord

    Image via Sidies on Nexus Mods

    He improved garnishes mod on Mound and Blade II: Bannerlord improves your castle and settlement management process. It also allows you to view the status of your settlement and manage city projects from anywhere on the map. There’s so much more to this mod that we’re left wondering why these features aren’t available in the unmodded base game to begin with. The Improved Garrisons mod is also compatible with most mods and is the most up-to-date game mod for Bannerlord.

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    Xoberax’s Cut Through Everyone mod for Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord

    Image via Xorberax on Nexus Mods

    Combat is one of the exciting aspects of Mount and Blade 2, and you can certainly amp it up further through Xoberax cuts everyone modification. Allows your weapons to go through multiple units at once. It’s an additional area of ​​effect, so taking out a group of enemies is much easier.

    However, the original uploader no longer updates the mod, so another creator took over for a full overhaul with their permission. The newest version of the Cut Through Everyone mod is now included in Xorberax’s Legacy mod pack. This new creator updates it regularly, so you can continue to impale multiple units in one hit in true medieval style.

    Loot Lord mode in Mount and Blade 2

    Image via zombienerfguy on Nexus Mods

    When you execute a lord, it makes sense that you can loot their equipment afterwards. But given how incredibly expensive they can sometimes be, Bannerlord doesn’t let you do this by default. With the Mount and Blade 2 LootLord mod installed, all of the gear of any lord you remove is transferred to your inventory. If you want more realism, this mod also allows you to set whether you want it to be enabled for every lord run or only half the time.

    Dismemberment Plus mod on Mound and Blade 2

    Image via TheSchwarz1 on Nexus Mods

    Originally the brainchild of jedijosh920 at Nexus Mods, the Dismemberment Plus mod for Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord keeps alive its predecessor, the Dismemberment mod. This mod allows you to pawn an enemy’s head, leg, or foot using your axe, sword, or glaive to give it a bit of medieval realism. You can also change how often it can happen and if you want to add a slow motion effect.

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