Tips for Winning Grimace Race – Roblox


    Grimace Race seems really simple at first. After all, how hard is it to run on a straight track with no turns? Surprisingly, though, scoring high in Grimace Race takes a lot of knowledge and trial and error. In order to play the game well, gamers are going to need to take advantage of the best skins and pets.

    Strategies for winning Grimace Race in Roblox

    Use the good pets

    As gamers player along Grimace Race in Roblox, they will come across various pets. Some of these offer really nice stats that help Grimace go faster. The nice thing about Grimace Race is that gamers don’t need to do to much reading into the best pets: there is a button on the menu that sorts out the best pets in the inventory.

    It doesn’t take too long in this game to find some solid pets, either. I was able to pick up Boku Head on my first run.

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    Use the good skins

    Similarly to pets, some skins are better than others. Gamers are definitely going to want the skins that offer the best stats. Usually investing into Acceleration is a good idea, since Grimace will need it to reach those high speeds. It might take longer to find a good skin that it would to find a good pet, but it’s worth the search.

    Lose a lot

    There is no need to feel too discouraged after a bad run on Grimace Race. Sometimes, players are only one run away from getting that valuable pet or skin to take their character to the next level. This is why having a high play time is crucial for players trying to get good at Grimace Race. More time played usually translates into better gear.

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