Time-traveling MMOs in the Echo plans on continuing the pre-alpha testing in 2023


    When he finally tested the upcoming sequel Into the Echo, it became the biggest part of the process. But now, a CEO of Etlok Studios has dropped a dev blog to tease what is coming in 2023.

    Interestingly, the team reversed its move from pre-alpha testing, saying that it now disengaged from a third-party vendor and developed its own network and backend, which means that it hoped would resume pre-alpha testing in 2023.

    While 2022 was a big move, the ETLOK staff are busy, the studio says. It is now dawning on the deep world of The Echo. That’s how the real world unfolds. In the coming year, we will announce the release of our interactive lore website. Our creative team is crafting a unique story experience to give you a better idea of Raava and more about it. On this journey, you’ll meet interesting characters, explore cultures and languages, solve puzzles, and, in the case of he, learn that he’ll know better about Xen.

    Pre-Alpha-Tests, interactive lore etc. Watch what will happen in 2023!

    https://t.co/htQeXGyCg7 pic.twitter.com/DZtoGjTy5Q

    IntoTheEcho (@IntoTheEchoMMO) December 20, 2022

    Source: Official site.


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