The Squire’s Tale – Full Walkthrough, Chapters 3 and 4


    The Squire’s Tae is an Adventure Escape Mystery in which you play a dual role as hero and squire, attempting to fulfill Cedrick’s desire to become a hero for all time as well as being a knight. You’re going to need to complete a whole bunch of point-and-click object-finding locations to do so, as well as solve lots of puzzles, so if you’re a bit stuck on anything read on for my full walkthrough of chapters three and four of The Squire’s Tale.

    The Squire’s Tale Guide – Adventure Escape Mysteries 

    If you’re looking for earlier or later parts of this guide, please go to my The Squire’s Tale – Full Walkthrough hub page where you’ll find guide links for all eight chapters. As you play through, remember to click any glowing stars you see, as they can be used for clues if you get stuck. Plus, if you want to use any puzzle solutions below, remember to reset them first. 

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    Chapter 3 – The Ruins of Recursia

    Image by MyFullGames

    Click the pots (a1) until you find a Key, then click the door on the far right and left to open them. Use the key on the red paint pot in the left cupboard (a2) to get a Red Key and use it to open the other door on the left (a3), taking the Alpha Orb from inside. 

    Place the orb in the left obelisk (a4), which raises a pedestal on the left. Click the pedestal for a close-up and press the buttons in the order indicated by the central statue (3,1,2), opening a staircase underneath it. Click the stairs to move on.

    The Second Level 

    Image by MyFullGames

    Click the roles of parchment (b1) and then collect the Bow behind them. Click the left desk (b2) and take the Arrow, getting you a Bow and Arrow. Use it on the rope (b3) to destroy the statue below, then collect the Beta Orb (b4).

    Go back into the first room and recover the Alpha Orb from the obelisk, replacing it with the Beta Orb, which opens a hatch (a5). Take the Waders from inside, retrieve the orb, then go back downstairs and use the waders on the pool (b9) there to get the Painting Key. Place the Alpha Orb in the obelisk here (b5), dropping the painting (b6) low enough to access it. Use the painting key to open it and click it once more to take the Painting

    Take the Alpha Orb back and replace it with the Beta Orb, which opens the left-hand floor panel (b7). Place the painting on the blue glowing number grid that appears, which gives you a code (83146). Still wearing the waders, click the pool (b9) once more and click the pipes at the back in that order, which opens up a new set of stairs. Take the Beta Orb back and head down.

    The Third Level

    Image by MyFullGames

    Use the Alpha Orb on the obelisk (c1) to find what it does, but then retrieve it and use the Beta Orb instead, revealing a stone arrows puzzle in front of the obelisk. You need to complete two to move on and I’ve put the solutions below. Once complete, you’ll be able to take the Flower Key from beneath the puzzle. 

    Screenshot by MyFullGames
    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Go back to the first room and use the key to open the final door on the right (a6), taking the Rubber Gloves and Watering Can from inside. Go down one floor and use the can on the pool to get a Full Watering Can and use the gloves to collect the Mossbottom Ooze (b8). Go down the lowest level and use the Alpha Orb to open the right pedestal (c2), then place the ooze on the stone ball there and then water it with the can, releasing Cedrick. 

    Now both heroes are available, pull the switches (c3) to reveal an abacus. Click it for a close-up, then click the battery panel on the right and retrieve the dead battery. Cedrick can now move the rubble (c4), allowing you to collect the Gamma Orb. Use it on the obelisk here, allowing you to take the Stone Slab from the statue (c5). Retrieve the Gamma Orb and head upstairs. 

    Restoring the Abacus

    Back on the top floor, place the stone slab in the hands of the statue on the right (a7), then insert the Gamma Orb in the obelisk. Both pedestals will rise. What you need to do is use the buttons on the right to show a number of blue lights, starting at one and moving through to six, each time coming out of the close-up and noting the symbol being beamed onto the stone slab. 

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    Image by MyFullGames

    These are the symbols you need to select on the other panel. The sequence (using the image above) is 413225. This opens the right panel (a7), allowing you to take the Abacus Instructions and recharge the battery by placing it briefly inside the panel. 

    Retrieve the Gamma Orb and head to the middle floor. Insert the Gamma Orb and a series of dominoes will appear in the pool. Note down the number total of each domino (74836), then retrieve the orb and head down to the bottom floor. Put the battery back in the abacus and check the instructions. They tell you that each stone on the lower part of the abacus is worth one if raised, and the one on the top counts as five if it is lowered. Move them to match the domino code and you’ve solved the puzzle (see image below). Click the area behind the abacus to advance.

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Place the three orbs in their correct spots to awaken the Golem and start a movement puzzle. The key is not to finish a turn in the red area marked (it appears after your first few moves), meaning sometimes you have to double back. The solutions are below.

    Screenshot by MyFullGames
    • Map 1: Up, right, down, right, up, down, left, up, right, up, down, up, left, up, down, right, up, left, up.
    • Map 2: Right, up, left, right, left, up, right, up, down, up, right, down, right, left, up, right, up, left, down, right, up. 

    Once complete, you’ll be done with Chapter Three after a couple of cut scenes. 

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Chapter 4 – The Tournament in Morrocas

    Image by MyFullGames

    Click the cushion on the sofa (d1) and take the Key, then move into the tailor’s area (d2). Take the Scissors (e1) and then click the book (e2) to open and note the numbers on the invitation design (3 and 1 top row, 6 and 4 bottom row). 

    Image by MyFullGames

    Select the scissors and use them on the fabric (e3) to get some Cloth. Use the key to open the chest (e4) and take the Folding Stool and Fabric Patterns from inside. Go back to the queue, place the stool to the left of the queuers (d3), then use the scissors to collect the Decorations (d4).

    Go back into the tailor’s area and place the cloth on the table (e5), taking you into a close-up. Add the fabric patterns and decorations, then put them together to make the invitation. Follow the numbers above for the patterns, then place the decorations that match them (from top left to bottom right, that’s a stag, shield, lion, and eagle). Go back to the queue and give the invitation to Cedrick to advance. 

    The first task 

    Image by MyFullGames

    Out in the bazaar, click the Basket on the right (f1) to pick it up, then click the tea stand (f2) to receive some free Tea Leaves from the person there. Select the coin and pop it into the sleeping man’s cup (f3). Once the man moves, take the Tassle he was sitting on. Now click the snake basket (f4) to find that two snake baskets are missing. You can return the one you have, but need one more. 

    Image by MyFullGames

    Click the background to return to the tent. Use the tassel on the curtain (g1)  to tie it back and find another snake Basket. Take it, then add your tea to the pot (g2). Click the Teapot to pick it up, then place it on the brazier (g3) to get a Hot Teapot.  Use it on the cup (g4) and then click the cup again to find that Ambrose would like some honey in it.

    Image by MyFullGames

    Go back to the bazaar and replace the other snake basket. After talking to Manid, grab the Flute (h1) and click the snakes to start a puzzle. Note the diamond pattern on each lamp above the snakes, then use the flute to change each snake’s head position to match its white diamond direction by clicking the snakes (see image below).

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    After the cut scene when Cedrick messes with the lights, it is a similar idea but now you have to have the snakes match the diamond pattern that matches the height of the snake (so, from left, lamp 1 matches snake 2, lamp 2 snake 1, and lamp 3 snake 3).

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    For the final one, it is the same process, so snake 1 looks down, snake 2 left, and snake 3 up. You’ll receive some Honey from Manid for your efforts. Head inside, add the honey to the tea and give it to Ambrose. He’ll give you a Pear.

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Back outside, give the pear to the Donkey (h2), then click the spilled rugs to start a pattern-matching puzzle (see image above). On completion, Manid will give you a Fancy Rug. Hand over the rug as your competition entry and you’ll be through to the second round.

    The Second Task

    For the first challenge of the second task, select the telescope for a moveable close-up of the night sky and add the star map Ambrose gave you to it. You’ll notice that the constellations in the notebook are all animals and that they match the golden fountains that are next to the telescope. You need to find each constellation by moving the telescope view and noting how many stars in each constellation are bright. Once you’ve done this, simply click each statue so the number of golden lights above it matches that number. The numbers you need are:

    • Frog: 3
    • Duck: 4
    • Seal:6
    • Giraffe: 2
    • Tortoise: 5
    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Once complete (see image above), Ambrose will appear and give you a Banner. Click the buildings in the background to go to the courtyard, select the banner in your inventory, and add it to the flagpole on the left. Return to the oasis for the next challenge.

    Image by MyFullGames

    After hearing the instructions, Cedrick jumps into the oasis. Click him to make him dive down and search for the object to open the chest. Click the seaweed (i1) and take the Old Sword behind it, then use the sword on the slab to uncover the chest (i2). Now use the sword on the octopus holding the key (i3), which will disappear leaving a cloud of ink. Click the cloud until it disperses, and take the Underwater Key

    Use the key to open the chest and take the Battle Horn, then click the mound to the right of the chest to reveal a clam. Use the sword to open the clam (i4) and reveal a Pearl, at which point a shark appears. Take the pearl, select the battle horn, then click the background anywhere, scaring off the shark. Click the surface of the water to swim out. Now you can insert the pearl into the chest, which has a four-symbol combination.

    The Stolen Banner

    Swim back down to see there are 1 octopus, 2 clams, 3 fish, and 4 starfish. Put those symbols into the four spaces (octopus, clam, fish, starfish) to open it and take the second Banner. But when you return to the arena, you find your first banner gone.

    Image by MyFullGames

    After speaking to Manid, return to the arena and open the chest there (k1), taking the Boomerang from inside. Back at the oasis use the boomerang on the Bananas, pick them up, and give them to Manid. He’ll give you the Fishing Net to scoop the Banner from the sea. 

    Return to the arena and click the sand near the barrels (k2) to find your Flag Pole buried there. Dig it up, collect it, then click the barrels (k3) to find the Pole Base. Place the base (k4), add the pole, then the banners, and you’ll be through to the final task.

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Once the final puzzle begins, place your five diamonds in the positions above, then click the horn. Now all that’s left is to enjoy the victory!

    To continue your adventure with MyFullGames, check out The Squire’s Tale – Full Walkthrough, Chapters 5 and 6.


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