The Seven Deadly Sins: Elizabeth’s cosplay from pamdroid 18 dances with the black costume


    The Seven Deadly Sins are once again the protagonist of our pages, thanks to a copy of Elizabeth’s playplay, the most important characters of the story, and whose fans’ most appreciated copy, pamdroid18.

    Elizabeth, as I said earlier, is considered one of the key characters in the work of Suzuki. Princess of Liones, the young girl who begins the story walks away from home and goes from home to find the Seven Deadly Sins, a preorder of outlawed knights that fayed the state and had to try to save her kingdom from a conspiracy. So she finds Meliodas, the captain of that group, who went out to search for the other Deadly Sins.

    The jogger made by pamdroid18 showcased Elizabeth’s black costume in the first bars of the seven Deadly Sins movie. Because of her practicality, a simple, necessary dress is useful for the cause. The princess is wearing her own clothing under an impossible armor to conceal her identity.

    We also suggest you watch the film “Mother’s Academia” by WhiteSpring and Amadeia film “Sword Art” by pussecka. It’s going to be interesting to do Thursdays cosplay by soft_kotton and Cynthia from Pokemon by Chocolatcos0.


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