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    Pokemon Pty Ltd and Kotiota Studios are the makers of these companies. That way they use copyright without permission.

    Pokeworld has sued under a licence for not being a member of the Unlicensed Act.

    Screenshot from the campaign site Pokeworld.

    Kotiota Studios has been selling this game for months. They claim Pokeworld to be a game play in order to earn a metauniverse containing a variety of interesting pokemons each player collects. They also made Pokemon plural in English. Though the plural is still Pokemon.

    We saw that Pikachu fought Charmander, a PvE mode where players face off against Charizard and an adventure mode where players hunt for Pokeballs.

    The Pokemon Company International recently sued the Australian federal court. The Pokemon Pty Ltd and Kotiota Studios have a suing for not using intellectual property without permission.

    Those who said they wouldn’t have a Pokemon-themed NFT will be launching. It seems that this decision was taken to protect the Pokemon brand with a focus on all ages.

    In September 2011, six developers from China were sued for making the Pocket Monsters Reissue game. Because they committed a copyright infringement, they were the same. This game was launched in 2015 in the country of the bamboo curtain.

    If you didn’t like the Pokemon industry, this is the story.

    According to the claims made by Pokeworld Developers, work was done on a Pokemon Game, and the Pokemon Company strongly denies that it was a Pokemon game.

    Vooks discovered that the employees behind Pokeworld claimed to have worked on a Pokemon game under Nintendo. These games include: Pokemon Scarlet andamp; Violet, Pokemon Home and Pokemon Sleep (which haven’t been released until now).

    The Pokemon Company International vehemently refutes this claim. It confirms through legal documents that Pokemon Pty Ltd and Kotiota Studios employees have never even been a contractor for them.

    There are still many sites in Pokeworld as of this moment. The game is reported to be released on mobile in the January 2023 game. It is unlikely that that happens with the demands of The Pokemon Company.

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